Dubrovnik City Walls

The imposing defensive walls of Dubrovnik guarded the freedom of a sophisticated republic for five centuries.

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This is one of the major filming locations for the HBO series Game of Thrones – if you’re a fan, you won’t have to look too hard to find something you recognise.

Dubrovnik’s monumental city walls may be the most impressive in Europe. One of the largest and most complete sets of fortifications anywhere in the world, they run for a continuous 1940m around the Old Town and positively bristle with towers, bastions, crenellations and a formidable moat. As you walk along their massive bulk, you will not be surprised to learn that in over 800 years as a medieval city, Dubrovnik’s walls were not once breached by a hostile army.


Dubrovnik has had defensive fortifications of one sort or another since it was founded in the 7th century. These early walls would most likely have been simple wooden palisades, but as the centuries wore on and the defensive needs of the burgeoning city-state grew, more and more features were added. Even as early as 866, Dubrovnik was sufficiently well fortified to withstand a 15-month Saracen siege. At the height of its defensive capabilities, the city walls featured 17 towers, five bastions, several fortresses and no less than 120 cannons.

Towering Defences

These days, a stroll on top of the battlements offers some of the best panoramas over the Old Town and beyond. Visit the mighty St. John’s fortress, designed to prevent enemy ships from entering the harbour with its imposing bulk, heavy boom chains and large complement of cannons. Further along is the quintessentially “castle-ish” Minceta Tower, which became a symbol of the unconquerable Dubrovnik in the 15th century. Perhaps the most impressive fortification in terms of sheer weight is the St. Lawrence Fortress, known as Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar. It was defended by ten of the city’s largest cannons, including the famous “Lizard”, and featured 12m-thick walls.

Nearby Attractions

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Dubrovnik Cathedral
This Baroque Roman Catholic cathedral was rebuilt after the 1667 earthquake on a site of worship that dates back to the 7th century.
Rector's Palace
This secular palace is a harmonious combination of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture.
Dubrovnik Cruise Port
A port renowned for its fascinating history, crystal clear water and astounding superyachts.
The Synagogue and Jewish Museum
The world's oldest operating Sephardic Synagogue, with a museum telling the story of the Jews of Dubrovnik.
Orlando Column
A 600-year-old column carved in honour of the legendary knight Orlando, who saved Dubrovnik from a siege by Arab pirates in the 8th century.
City Bell Tower
A beautiful landmark of the Old Town, with a bell struck by two bronze men.

Related Tours

Dubrovnik Old Town & City Walls: Private Half-Day Walking Tour

Explore the beautifully historic Old Town of Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, with its golden architecture glowing in the sunshine, and enjoy a stroll around the city walls, built in the 16th century, stretching for two kilometres offering magnificent views of the shimmering sea and terracotta rooftops.

On your private tour, you will:

  • Explore the charming Old Town of Dubrovnik, a beautiful coastal city situated on the Adriatic;
  • Learn about its rich and varied history as a powerful city-state up until 1802, and the terrible siege of 1991 during the Yugoslavian Civil War;
  • Wander along its tranquil honey-coloured cobbled streets, admiring the beautiful architecture of its churches, public buildings, and monuments;
  • See the Old Town Market and Main Street, soaking up the atmosphere;
  • Admire the Gothic and Renaissance Churches like St Saviour Chuch, built in the 1520s after the city survived a major earthquake;
  • Visit the tranquil Franciscan Monastery, the lovely Church of St Blaise and the Jesuit Stairs;
  • Wander down to the harbour, famed for its fortification towers and stunning views over the sea and the Old Town;
  • Walk around the City Walls, a truly breathtaking experience with panoramic views out to the ocean, and back to the city;
  • Choose where you end the tour: either on the city walls or back in the Old Town, your guide will be happy to give you options!

Your tour begins at Stradun, Dubrovnik's famous city square, boasting many beautiful old buildings, including the Rector’s Palace, a 14th-century Baroque masterpiece, which served not only as a residence but also as an armoury, powder magazine, watch house, and prison.

You will also have the pleasure of visiting Onofrio's Fountain, where you will be able to admire the magnificent Sponza Palace. From here you will head onwards to the Franciscan Monastery and Old Pharmacy - the third oldest in the world!

After walking across the main square you will come across the Baroque Cathedral of the Assumption, rebuilt in the 18th century following an earthquake, and now a popular venue for weddings and celebrations. Other highlights, not to be missed, include Dubrovnik Cathedral and the Church of St. Blaise.

Here you will learn all about the fascinating legend of Richard the Lionheart who, returning from the Crusades in 1192, was shipwrecked in a storm, and cast aground on Lokrum Island in front of Dubrovnik. When Richard tried to convince the leaders of Dubrovnik to build a church on the island, Richard was instead persuaded to build the cathedral in Dubrovnik proper.

You will also hear about the infamous medieval orphanage, communal granaries, and the scandals of the chequered lives of the local aristocrats.

After touring the idyllic Old Town, you will traverse the beautiful City Walls, a 2km stone wall that has protected the city for centuries, tickets included. During your walk along the city walls, you will be able to take in the panoramic views of the city below – as your guide points out landmarks of interest, including the locations where Game of Thrones was filmed!

End your tour on the walls, or at a bar back in the Old Town the choice is yours.

Please note: This tour includes tickets to access the city walls which are also valid for entering Fort Lovrijenac (St. Lawrence Fortress) which you are free to explore at your own leisure within 3 days of your tour. 



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