Scan & Axe Mural

On the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent & Rue Saint-Chutbert.

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Basílica Notre-Dame de Montreal
Built between 1824 and 1829 and visited by nearly one million people each year, Notre Dame Basilica is an active place of worship and an iconic heritage building.
Place d'Armes
Sitting in the heart of historic Montréal, this picturesque plaza is surrounded by some of Montreal’s most notable architectural landmarks.
Stretching for 20 miles and located right under the streets of Montreal, the Underground City is a gigantic network that links shops, offices, banks, restaurants, bus terminals & metro stations.
Leonard Cohen Mural
Leonard Cohen was immortalized by Kevin Ledo on a 9-storey building’s wall.
Mary Queen of the World Cathedral
It is a 19th-century cathedral and a one-fifth-scale model of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Plateau Mont Royal
Trendy neighbourhood with a vibrant artistic scene.

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Discover Montreal's Street Art: Private 2-hour Walking Tour
Montreal is world famous for its colourful and eclectic urban street art scene, and hosts graffiti festivals every year. The largest city in Quebec has attracted thousands of street artists since the emergence of graffiti, muralism and street art in the 1970s. You'll get to explore this global hub of street art with an expert private guide on a fascinating, dynamic and mesmerizing two-hour walking tour. 

On your private tour, you will:

  • Explore the heart of Montreal's incredible street art scene with an expert private guide;
  • Experience the colourful urban identity and counter-cultural arts vibe of the city; 
  • Walk around the open-air museum that is the famous Boulevard St Laurent and surrounding alleys;
  • Learn about Montreal's history as a trailblazer in the street art and graffiti scene from its early days in the 1970s to today; 
  • Hear about the emergence of muralism and its uses in terms of national identity, political propaganda, and rebellion;
  • Hear about the famous street artists that come to Montreal year after year, and have put the city at the heart of the global urban art scene; 
  • Explore the famous MURAL Festival zone - where you'll see some of Montreals' most impressive murals; 
  • Wander in wonder around the Entertainment District Quartier des spectacles - admiring the astounding murals by Philip Adams and David Guinn, from the MU organisation. 

Montreal has become world famous for being the North American trailblazer in the urban street art scene. The city hosts two major graffiti festivals each year: UNDER PRESSURE and MURAL. 

Under Pressure celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021 and hosts live talks, skating and painting sessions, and music with a focus on community development and youth engagement. MURAL is a massive international celebration of the arts that attracts millions every year since 2012. You'll find over 80 murals and installations by an amazing array of street artists around the St Laurent strip. 

On your two-hour private walking tour, you'll get to explore the famous St-Laurent Boulevard, the core visual identity of the city, that attracts major artists such as Roadsworth, Chris Dyer, Omen, and Bonar as well as collectives like HVW8 and En Masse - and so many more. 

You'll learn about the evolution of muralism and its significance in Mexico in the 1920s, and discover how Montreal was the first Canadian city to embrace this form of art back in the 1970s. Street art is at the very heart of the city's cultural identity - and its many artists pay homage to the city's other passions including sport and Leonard Cohen! 

You'll get to experience its incredible energy firsthand on this colourful private tour with a local expert guide. 


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