Baked goods at Naschmarkt

Try any of the delicious baked options in the Market.

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A vast emporium, created in the 16th Century, which sells Austrian, Turkish and Eastern European delicacies.
Olives & Snacks at Naschmarkt
Colourful olives and other snacks play with your senses as you walk through the Market.
Chapel of Ka-ni-nisut
Discovered in 1913, the chapel of 'Ka-ni-nisut' has once served for the practice of the funerary cult where priests or relatives of the death performed an offering ritual for his benefit. On the walls of the chapel, there were depictions of such rituals and the texts accompanying their performance.
Egyptian Sarcophagi and Coffins
Among the highlights of the Egyptian wing, there are numerous sarcophagi and coffins to discover.
Egyptian objects
Admire the collection of unique daily life objects on the Egyptian wing of the Museum.
Theseus Mosaic
Discovered on the floor of a Roman villa at the Loigerfelder near Salzburg, it portrays scenes from the Theseus legend, set in an ornamental framework.

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