Puente Transbordador Nicolás Avellaneda

Iconic bridge which is used in Tango-themed films as a symbol of Buenos Aires.

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El Caminito
An open-air museum in the birthplace of Tango with some stupendously painted buildings.
Feria de San Telmo
This diverse Sunday market takes place in the city’s oldest plaza.
La Vuelta de Rocha
Disembarkation place for numerous immigrants. Some claim it is where tango was invented.
A must-see for people interested in geometric or abstract art.
Manzana de las Luces
One of the earliest sites in the city, with accessible Jesuit-built tunnels.
A fine modern art museum which continually rotates its exhibitions.

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Tango in La Boca
·        Visit El Caminito, Argentina’s only open-air museum. 
·        Walk on the evocative La Vuelta de Rocha.

If only one human activity could symbolise Buenos Aires, it would have to be Tango. The distinctive dance reflects the city’s soul, merging its immigrant heritage with Latin charm on the River Plate. 

Pioneering Soul

Go around the southern barrio where Tango sprung up, helped by the immigrants who left Europe and struggled to make a living for themselves. Their memory remains strong in the vibrant open-air museum of El Caminito. Known for its pastel-colored houses and the eponymous song by famous singer Carlos Gardel, it is a place where – if you look past the vendors and street performers – you can experience the soul of Tango. Your expert guide will be able to tell the story of how the dance developed and even show some of the moves. 

Welcoming City

Walking through to La Vuelta de Rocha, you will come to where many immigrants landed during the 19th century. Walking along the promenade, which has featured in many different tango films, you will come to the Puente Nicolás Avellaneda. This bridge, which is also the name of the larger bridge behind it, acts as a symbol of southern Buenos Aires in numerous films. It is a perfect spot to hear your guide tell you how Tango has been shown in films. You might even want to watch a few when you get back to your hotel!   


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