MACBA or Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires is a private museum that preserves and exhibits national and international contemporary art. The collection was started By Aldo Rubino in the late 80s and continues to grow at the present day.

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Feria de San Telmo
The Feria de San Telmo is an antique fair established in 1970 in the neighbourhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires. Also known as a flea market, the fair holds a diverse range of products and artistic expressions and it's one of the most popular events for locals and visitors.
Manzana de las Luces
One of the earliest sites in the city, with accessible Jesuit-built tunnels.
MAMBA or the Museum for Modern Art in Buenos Aires was founded in 1956 with the intention of showing avant-garde artistic trends. The museum is located in San Telmo and today the collection holds 7000 works of art from 1920 till the present time.
Museo Casa Rosada
The Museo Casa Rosada is located in the old galleries of the Buenos Aires Customs building and it was inaugurated in 2011. It showcases a big number of memorabilia objects of past presidents and it's the perfect opportunity to learn Argentina's history from 1810 to present in a glimpse.
Plaza de Mayo
Plaza de Mayo is the most emblematic square and the main foundational centre of the city of Buenos Aires. It has witnessed many moments of huge historical value for Argentina such as the May Revolution, which the square was named after.
The Cabildo de Buenos Aires is the former colonial town hall that witnessed epic debates during the May Revolution of 1810. It used to be the former seat of the council in the colonial era and It was built in 1751. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, part of the building was demolished to widen the Avenues that run on the laterals.

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The Best of Argentinian Art
·        Visit the MAMBA and MACBA galleries in San Telmo
·        Compare Argentinian and European painters in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
·        Appreciate the different types of national art at the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernandez
·        Enjoy classics of Latin American art at MALBA

An extensive journey around the classic art galleries of Buenos Aires, this tour in the company of an expert guide will leave you with a greater appreciation of the city’s role as a cultural center. 

Art among Grandeur

The barrio of San Telmo – the oldest in the city – provides a fitting (if contrasting) setting for two galleries devoted to modern art. Stepping into the Museo de Arte Moderno (which everyone calls MAMBA), you will be able to see its excellent range of temporary exhibitions. Your private guide will also take you to the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (or MACBA). Specialising in abstract art, it is a comparatively new gallery that revels in being at the cutting edge of the Buenos Aires cultural scene. 

National Home of Art

Moving to the north of the city, your guide will take you into the barrio of Palermo. The product of Buenos Aires’ 19th-century expansion – and surprisingly not named after the capital of Sicily – the area possesses an Italianate charm. Entering Buenos Aires’ most illustrious gallery, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, you will be able to see many important works by national artists as well as European painters such as Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Young Woman, or Van Gogh’s Le Moulin de la Galette. The largest collection of public art in Latin America has a great deal to offer visitors. It is very easy to get lost in its 24 exhibition halls listening to your guide discussing the different variations of Argentine art as they point you to examples.

Palermo’s Other Treasures

If you can bear to leave the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernandez is nearby. Only a small museum, it nevertheless offers the chance to see the different variations of Argentine art, from urban to indigenous. Your guide will also take you to the Museo de Arte Latin Americano de Buenos Aires. Commonly known by its initials of MALBA, the gallery is based on the collection of real estate businessman Eduardo Constantini. Surrounded by important Latin American pieces of art, including Tarsila do Amaral’s Abaporu and Antonio Berni’s Manifestación, this spacious glass-surrounded gallery provides an excellent architectural setting for its pieces. 


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