Fine Arts Museum

Ho Chi Minh City’s largest gallery, showing historical and artistic pieces going back 1600 years

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Ben Thanh Market
A buzzing market selling a range of goods. From souveniers and clothing to local treats and dishes
Gia Long Palace
French neoclassical building holding a museum, concrete bunkers and strengthened corridors
Rex Hotel
Former base of the American Forces Information Service, where they dished out daily press briefings
Che My
A place to test your sweet tooth on their delicious soups
Phuong Mai Gallery
Place where Vietnamese paintings take over. A superb place to learn about local artists
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Walk Among Vietnamese Art
·        Walk alongside the work of innovative street artists in the 3A Alternative Art Area
·        See some of Ho Chi Minh City’s most imposing French Colonial architecture
·        Enjoy gazing at Vietnamese paintings in the Phuong Mai Gallery
·        Appreciate the works in the Museum of Fine Arts

Art lovers have a great deal to appreciate in Ho Chi Minh City. Going through Vietnam’s second city in the company of your guide, you will come into contact with the lives and works of its artists. 

New and Colonial

Walking through the colorful lanes of the 3A Alternative Art Area, you will go alongside much innovative street art. While “hip”, the murals show how many modern artists are developing their craft in this center for urban art. You will then go to see Ho Chi Minh’s most impressive Gallic architecture. A visit to the Central Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral, with its red-bricks exported from Marseilles, will go alongside a greeting to the statue of “Uncle Ho” outside the City Hall. 

Vietnamese Classics

Stepping into the Phuong Mai Gallery, you will enter a place devoted to the Vietnamese paintings. Showcasing the work of current artists, your guide will take particular care to show you the different styles, as well as the numerous pieces of lacquer and silk paintings on display. They will be able to discuss these styles in more detail when you pay a visit to the larger Museum of Fine Arts nearby. Built in 1929, this heavily-tiled gallery holds pieces dating from the 4th century to the modern day. There is more to this gallery than initially meets the eye so be sure to ask your guide to take you around the statues in the garden. 



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