Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Covering two acres, the Vietnam War Memorial pays homage to those who lost their lives in one of America's most controversial wars.

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Lincoln Memorial
Let yourself be dwarfed by the imposing Lincoln, whose full text of the famous lasting words, "four score and seven years ago" Gettysburg address are inscribed throughout the memorial.
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Referred to as The Unknown War and The Forgotten War, its memorial captures the harrowing tales of soldiers who fought to stave off tides of North Korean communism during the Cold War.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
This magnificent memorial covers four acres and includes a statue of King by sculptor Lei Yixin.
FDR Memorial
FDR's Memorial not only captures America's longest serving president and his dog, Fala, but also immortalizes the faces of those standing in breadlines during the Depression, when Roosevelt ascended to office.
World War II Memorial
National memorial in DC, commemorating those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to contribute to the Allied effort to defeat Hitler and the Japanese in World War II.
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Built in memoriam of America's 35th president, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is renowned not only for the theatre but also its spectacular architecture and location.

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Private Half Day Highlights of D.C.
Are you a first timer in DC but not quite ready to commit to a full day touring the nation’s Capital or are you short for time but still want to see the best of what the city has to offer? Either way don’t sweat it—the half day highlights tour was designed with you in mind. 

  • Hear about the fascinating politics and presidents of the past  
  • Snap photos of the Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as you learn how DC’s monuments became a cornerstone of  the city  
  • Visit the evocative Korean War Veterans Memorial and learn about The Forgotten War 
  • Hear the story of Dr. King’s I Have a Dream Speech at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, learn about the numerous marches that have taken place in the capital, and the changes inspired by these movements
  • Finish your tour at the Vietnam Memorial, where you can honour the men and women who fought in this controversial war
Feeling Presidential

Your tour will begin at the most famous house in the country. You will have the chance to snap your own iconic photo outside the White House and learn more about the fascinating politics of the most powerful country in the world. Your friendly guide will then lead you to the famous seat of Congress - the US Capitol Building. 

 Memory lane
Be sure to have your cameras at the ready as you visit the city’s most famous memorials, monuments and landmarks. Make a stop at the Lincoln Memorial, visit the beautiful Korean War Veterans Memorial, and explore the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.
Private Walking Monuments by Moonlight Tour
When the sun sets, the monuments and memorials of Washington DC are illuminated. Experience the stunning architecture of DC as you uncover its rich political history.

  • Commence your tour at the iconic Washington Monument 
  • Pay your respects at the Korean Veterans Memorial and World War II Memorials
  • Uncover the story of  the nation during the Depression and World War II at the FDR Memorial 
  • Stand in awe of the immensity of The Lincoln Memorial 
  • Finally, learn about the controversial war and those who are immortalized at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Washington DC is ideal to explore after sunset, when crowds disperse and buildings light up. On this tour, you will explore the most important national memorials of America's  capital, as you understand their place in the country's history. 

Not only will you uncover the monuments dedicated to historical figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln,  you will have the chance to commemorate Vietnam and Korean veterans, as well as those lost during World War II. Throughout your walking tour, your guide will tell you stories about the circumstances around how the National Mall was built over the centuries - from Dolly Madison and Eliza Hamilton's efforts to build the Washington Monument to then 21-year old Maya Lin's design of the Vietnam Memorial. 


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