Benjamin Franklin Museum

The museum explores the life of the influential founding father, from his politics and religious views, to his scientific discoveries and writings.

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Philadelphia Old City Hall
It served as the first Supreme Court until 1800, presided over by John Jay. The building continued to be the city hall until 1854.
The First Bank of the United States
Though Founding Father Hamilton never physically visited the country’s first bank, it stands as a testament to his solution to the nation’s debt problem after the war.
Second Bank of the United States Portrait Gallery
The Second Bank of the United States was the second federally authorized Hamiltonian national bank in the United States.
Arch Street Meeting House
The oldest (and still operational) Friends Meeting House for Quakers stands here on Arch Street, dating back to 1804.
Museum of the American Revolution
This interactive museum is only a handful of years old and houses rare documents, while telling the American Revolutionary story in accessible detail.
Franklin Court Printing Office
This museum showcases and demonstrates how paper documents were printed and mass produced in the 18th century.

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Welcome to Philadelphia: Private Half-Day Highlights Walking Tour
Discover Philadelphia, one of America's oldest cities, which played a significant role in American history, from the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the birth of the US Constitution. Philadelphia is a pedestrian-friendly city and exploring it on a walking tour, it's the best way to visit its most popular sites.

On your private half-day tour, you will: 

  • See Benjamin Franklin's tomb from outside the cemetery, and hear about the life and legacy of one of America's most celebrated founding fathers;
  • Stroll the cobblestone roads of Independence Mall, a historic landmark as the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution;
  • See the enduring symbol of American freedom and independence: the Liberty Bell;
  • Pass by Betsy Ross’s house, the woman who first sewed an American flag; 
  • Explore Christ Church and Franklin Court, where you can see the graves of Benjamin Franklin and other notable figures from America's early days (if open on the day of the tour);
  • Explore Midtown Village and the Gaybourhood, where your guide will take you down the ‘Mural Mile’ for some of the best graffiti cultures in America!
  • End your tour at Reading Terminal Market, one of the oldest and largest public markets, filled with locals and travellers alike, where you can return throughout your stay to shop for groceries or dine on the go. 

Originally founded as a haven for religious freedom by William PennPennsylvania was colonised by French Huguenots, Mennonites, and most famously in the state - Quakers and Amish. The capital city was formed in 1682 and has served as the seat of government ever since. 

Throughout the centuries, Philadelphia has gone through revivals and slumps - prosperous then seasons of economic free fall. During the American Revolution, Philadelphia was the site of the First and the Second Continental Congresses. After the Revolution, the city was chosen to be the temporary capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800. 

Though federal and state governments left Philadelphia at the beginning of the 19th century, the city continued for some years to be the nation’s cultural and financial hub.

To see the remnants of these boom-and-busts of the city, nothing is better than a privately guided walk of it. From its role in inventing the United States to the modern ways in which Philadelphia continues to reinvent itself today, your guide will take you through the highlights and spots off the beaten track to give you a feel of the entire city –not just the highlights seen by most. 

On your tour, you will not only check off the highlights of the historic district but also fall in love with the city's unique combination of grit and charm. 


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