Brooklyn Heights Promenade

An unrivalled view of Lower Manhattan's skyline over New York Harbour makes this a popular place for an evening walk.

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Take a brief detour to 70 Willow Street to see Truman Capote’s home, where he wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s

New York and skyscrapers go hand in hand. However, whilst dizzyingly impressive when seen

from the sidewalk, you really need to talk a step back to appreciate that famous skyline. The

Brooklyn Heights Promenade affords you just such an opportunity. Opened to the public in 1950,

this 557 metre long cantilevered walkway stretches over Interstate 278, linking Brooklyn and

Queens while offering breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn


Bordered by grand 18th Century townhouses, the promenade is part of Brooklyn’s first Historic

Preservation District. While perfect for jogging and walking, the promenade also offers basketball,

soccer and volley ball courts on piers over the water. Lined with flower beds, trees, benches and

playgrounds, it draws the whole spectrum of visitors: tourists and locals; runners and strollers;

families and lovers.

A familiar view

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade has featured in many films — and for good reason. It is one of

the most romantic spots in New York: the site of thousands of first dates, wedding proposals, and

anniversaries. Beautiful during the day, it is better still at night: couples can find a bench, enjoy the

sunset, and watch the city lights reflect off the rippling waters. It was here that Woody Allen, as the

lovelorn Alvy, moped over the eponymous Annie Hall. In Moonstruck, Cher and Nicholas Cage

shared some unforgettable moments there too. And that, perhaps, is the greatest demonstration of

the magic of the promenade.

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