5th Precinct

One of New York's most well known precincts. It polices Chinatown and Little Italy.

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Old Police Headquarters
Today a group of luxury apartments, the NYPD's former headquarters is one of the finest Beaux-Arts buildings in all New York.
Little Italy
A nostalgic area full of the legacies of Italian immigrant culture at the turn of the 20th century.
Chatham Square
From tattoo parlours to Prohibition-era reform, this Chinatown intersection is full of history.
Manhattan Chinatown
A bustling district home to the largest Chinese population in the Western Hemisphere.
Eldridge Street Synagogue
Built in 1887, the Eldridge Street Synagogue remains a historic landmark in Manhattan's Chinatown neighborhood.
Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum
A synagogue built in 1925-27, which now functions as a museum too.

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Mafia Food Tour with Retired NYPD Detective
Walk the beat with a retired NYPD Detective born and raised in Little Italy, visiting notorious Mafia and Crime locations in NYC and hearing his stories of life between New York's finest and his neighbourhood. 

  • Visit notorious mafia scenes after dark 
  • Listen to crime stories from your guide's police career and life experiences 
  • Taste some of the best local joints in the city, including fresh pizza, homemade mozzarella, and cured meats
The Italian American Mafia is a huge network of highly organised criminal gangs. In particular to this tour, you have the Five Families existing in New York: Bonanno crime family; Colombo crime family; Gambino crime family; Genovese crime family; Lucchese crime family. 

These crime families originated out of New York City Sicilian Mafia gangs, but a great deal of networking occurred in New York's Little Italy. Here, they fatally clashed with the NYPD as Italian organised crime continued to expand. In particular, the 5th precinct which polices Chinatown and Little Italy continually battled with the Italian American Mafia. 

On this tour, you will visit notorious mafia haunts as you walk from the Lowest Eastside to Little Italy, authentically experiencing what it was like to be an associate of New York's famous families. You will hear first-hand accounts of the NYC Mafia and crimes in NYC.  

Visit where John Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family members hung out, ate, partied and ran their elusive "family businesses". See the Ravenite Social Club and more. Taste your way through iconic local spots, including fresh pizza from a famous mafia 'red sauce joint' (established in 1908), incredible handmade mozzarella, cured meats, as well as meatballs from the best joint in Little Italy, finished off with a full-sized cannoli from one of Little Italy's iconic local spots.

Get a behind the scenes look that no other tour can offer. Meet a real mob "associate" and former Detective while he guides you to the places no one else knows about. Get answers to the questions you've been dying to ask.


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