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The Wetlands

The wetlands of the bayou in the Mississippi Delta are native geographical features now being restored to protect the city from hurricanes and storms.

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Louis Armstrong Park
Sprawling over 32 acre in the center of the city, Louis Armstrong Park is one of the city's greatest gathering places.
Marie Laveau
The New Orleans Voodoo Queen was a freewoman born in the French Quarter. She is buried at St Louis Cemetery #1.
St Louis Cemetery
The cemeteries in New Orleans are known for the eery way in which the living and the dead interact.
Mark Twain
Twain was in New Orleans, exploring the opportunities to be a paddleboat captain when Louisiana seceded from the Union in 1861.
Airboat through the Wetlands
The best way to explore the wetlands is by airboat, where your expert captain will navigate the roots of the trees and floating debris.
Wetland Wildlife
The wildlife in the wetlands largely consists of alligators, eagles, raccoons, pelicans and other avian animals.

Related Tours

Excursion and Airboat Tour of Louisiana's Ecological Wetlands
Experience the magnificence of one of the country’s largest wetland ecosystems first-hand, with a bit of adventure added in. On your Louisiana Wetlands Tour, you will:

  • Be picked up and dropped off at your hotel, if centrally located in New Orleans.
  • Board an airboat for a two-hour buzzing trip through the bayou.
  • Learn about the wildlife native to the wetlands, including turtles, alligators, catfish, and birds.
  • Hear about the efforts to preserve the wetlands from deterioration and degradation.
  • Enjoy stories from your captain, a fearless local who is prepared for every adventure. 
The cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss await you on your adventure into the heart of Louisiana’s wetland. Hop aboard an airboat for a day you’ll never forget - from whirring through the quiet of the low hanging bayou trees to the open spaces where a plethora of birds are waiting to be spotted by you. Enjoy the thrill of speed, while your guide talks about the native expansive ecosystem and the creatures which call it home. Your local guide will point out alligators - especially in the warmer months - and turtles, along with pointing out the native flora which give the swamps their iconic, eerie look. After two hours aboard the airboat, enjoy an easy transfer back into the heart of New Orleans. 

This tour is not suitable for children under the age of 5, pregnant women, or people with neck and back conditions. 

Note: This tour is a small group tour, which can be up to 11 people. Most group tours tend to be 6-9 people. Should you wish for a private tour, please contact us directly. 


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