Tennessee rolling hills

The rolling hills of Tennessee, dotted with abandoned farm houses every few miles, make for an idyllic, relaxing drive.

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's whiskey is an institution in Tennessee, and its bourbon has gained Lynchburg on the map for millions the world over.
The Tennessee countryside
The natural beauty of Tennessee's many abandoned barns and rolling hills are as much a highlight of the state as the whiskey and country music bars.
Lynchburg, TN
Known for being the home of the Jack Daniels distillery, it's ironically located in a dry county, but the town is oozing with charm nonetheless.
Jack Daniel's Distillery
Enjoy a 90 minute small group tasting tour, where you will get the opportunity to taste the whiskey straight from the barrel.
Broadway in Nashville
Lined with dozens of honky-tonk bars with live music spilling from each stage to the street nightly, Broadway is the heartbeat of the city's night life.
The Parthenon of Nashville
Unexpected in the heart of a Southern city is this Parthenon in Centennial Park- with a golden behemoth statue to Athena inside.

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