Cambridge, Massachusetts

Though Cambridge is an independent city from Boston, the two cities have grown synonymous with one another. Cambridge is home to two of the world's leading academic institutions.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ranked for several years as the best university in the world, and topping the ranking on 12 of 48 disciplines, MIT has emerged in its own right as a draw for Cambridge visitors.
Beacon HIll
Steep cobblestone streets lined with red-brick Federal-style homes and picturesque old lanterns are only some of Beacon Hill's treasures.
Massachusetts State House
Instantly recognizable for its golden dome, the Massachusetts State House is located in historic Beacon Hill.
Boston Public Garden
Located next to Boston Common, the Public Garden was the first public botanical garden in the country.
Boston Common
Purchased by Puritans from Anglican minister Blackstone, Boston Common was established in 1634 as a public park and is the oldest public one in America.
Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment
This bronze relief statue constructed in 1897 was the first public monument to pay homage to African Americans soldiers.

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Private Walking Tour of Cambridge with a Local
Cobblestoned pathways hemmed by charming colour-washed houses and red-brick walls and bloom-filled terraces makes Cambridge one of the most genial spots to spend a day.  To really let the sounds, flavours and history of the town become part of your own travel story, experience the town with a local. After all - travel isn’t just about travel, it’s people, faces, food and cultures, fresh perspectives, discoveries and different ways of life - it’s about uncovering the city’s soul. It’s about connection. On your private, guided tour of Cambridge with a local: 

  • Enjoy meaningful insights from a local. 
  • Hear how locals describe Cambridge and Boston - the experiences that have made the two cities inextricable and those that have let them drift apart. 
  • Spend a few hours walking around the town’s two universities, and strolling the Charles River with a private, local guide.
  • Pick up invaluable recommendations, advice, tips and reassurance as you explore highlights and off-the-beaten-track side streets.
  • Grab a drink - a coffee or beer - in your local guide’s favourite watering hole. 
  • Learn first-hand what locals love about Cambridge from someone who knows the place inside-out.
To stroll Cambridge is to trace four centuries of American history, freedom from puritan colonists and birth. The city is bursting at the seams with beautiful buildings steeped in history, from war monuments, battlefields, and universities with more than 135 Nobel laureates split between the city’s two schools. Today Cambridge is a byword for forward-thinking, liberalist, arts, intellectuals, literature, academics, innovation and entrepreneurs. Upon crossing the Harvard Bridge over the Charles River, you will be swept away into the academia and yet accessibility of this quaint American town hugging one of the country’s largest metropolitan hubs. 

Enjoying a private, guided tour of Cambridge  with a local will help you discover the sights that tourists so often miss. Wander the hidden side-streets, check out the offbeat street art not associated with the town, and hear the neighbourhood gossip which brings Cambridge to life. While you walk  the leafy campuses of Harvard and MIT, you will uncover its authenticity through the eyes of a local. Your tour is immersive - bringing meaningful and like-minded interesting people together that would never meet if you stuck to the main tourist drag. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an intellectual or history buff, Cambridge has plenty to offer foodies and beer-elitists. Hear about the city’s culinary scene over a craft brew or a light-roast coffee with your local guide before parting ways. 


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