Boston Massacre

In 1770, British troops opened fire on Bostonians, resulting in the death of 5 and injury to 6 others. It was widely publicized throughout the colonies by patriots including, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.

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Old City Hall
This Second Empire style building served as the site of City Hall for nearly 130 years, beginning in 1865, before the city relocated City Hall to a different building, where it still operates today.
The Black Rose
Serving traditional Irish fare and ales, including Guinness, the Black Rose has become a favorite of locals and travelers who pop in for the cozy atmosphere along the waterfront.
Old State House
The Old State House stands as the oldest surviving public building in Boston and the point of origin for vital debates which led to the Revolution.
Old South Meeting House
A Congregational church built in 1729 became the largest gathering place for popular politics in Revolutionary Boston and witness of 1773 Boston's Tea Party orchestrated by Samuel Adams.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Historic market buildings near the waterfront including indoor and outdoor shops and restaurants.
Faneuil Hall
Witness of America's first Town Meeting and many other events which help built the Nation's History.

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Private All-Inclusive Half Day Tour of Boston: Beyond the Freedom Trail
For such an iconic and historical city, Boston is relatively small and easily walkable – chock full of incredible stories to tell, with a unique blend of colonial, French, and Georgian architecture. Enjoy our all-inclusive highlights tour as you wander not only the Freedom Trail but also several other notable sights. On your private tour, you will: 

  • Meet your guide in Copley Square, and see Trinity Church and Boston Public Library, built as a “palace for the people” and was the first large, free municipal library in America. 
  • Visit the historic 54th Regiment Memorial, where Robert Gould Shaw led the regiment out of Boston to fight the South in the Civil War.
  • Enjoy Boston Commons Public Garden, and see the fun Make Way for Ducklings statues.
  • Stroll through the picturesque Beacon Hill neighbourhood, lined with Federal-style and Victorian brick row houses lit by antique lanterns. 
  • Visit the famous Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy Market, and vibrant Boston Public Market
  • While learning about sustainable farming and fishing in the state, indulge in our absolute local favourites of a Bostonian cider and a succulent Lobster Roll (included in the tour price)
  • Enjoy some of the key sites of the Freedom Trail, including the Granary Burying Ground, where Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Sam Adams are buried.
  • See Park Street Church, part of the Freedom Trail, from where the women’s march took place.
  • Pay homage at the site of the Boston Massacre of 1770, and hear the turbulent history which led to the tragedy. 
  • Finish with an idyllic stroll along Boston Harbour, where the famous Boston Tea Party took place.
Whether this is your first time in Boston or your fiftieth, this tour is the insider’s tour, which will take you through the heart of the city’s highlights, while also hitting several of the spots often missed on whistle-stop tours. On your private tour, you will get to unpack this city’s rich history – from its pre-revolutionary roots through to the modern-day. 

You’ll hear stories of locals whose names you’ve heard your entire life – like John Hancock and John Adams – and learn lesser-known stories of the minorities – immigrants, African-Americans, and women – who have been ever-present in the city’s history, making it the iconic city it is today. 

A trip to Boston is incomplete without enjoying its spectacular local fare, and on this tour, your private guide will take you to their favourite spot for the classics: a lobster roll and fantastic cider, made from locally sourced apples. Enjoy the best of Boston on this all-inclusive, insider’s tour of Boston.
Beacon Hill Black Heritage Trail Private Walking Tour
Explore the 2-mile walking Black Heritage Trail on Beacon Hill, where your private guide will take you through some of the history of the community who lived on the north slope. On your private tour, you will:

  • Enjoy the personalised attention of your private local tour guide. 
  • Enjoy a tour of the Black Heritage trail, with 15 historic sites relating to life within a free Black community prior to the Civil War –including schools, homes, and meeting houses. 
  • Hear the story of Crispus Attucks, the first man killed in the Boston Massacre of 1770, and considered by many to be the first violent death of the Revolution.
  • Learn why Massachusetts was the only state in the Union which did not have slaves in 1790. 
  • Hear Boston’s crucial role in the Underground Railroad and why southern African Americans often set their sights on Boston. 
  • Explore the north slope of Beacon Hill, home to Boston’s 19th century African American community, and one of the first integrated schools in 1855. 
  • Pay respects to the 54th Regiment– the first Black Northern regiment in the Civil War -- at its memorial built in 1897.
  • Your tour ends in front of the African Meeting House, the oldest surviving Black church in the United States, which we recommend you purchase tickets for and tour after departing from your guide. 
Your private walking tour uncovers one of the many layers of Boston’s rich history, taking you through more than a century’s worth of the African America community’s history in the city. However, the story of African-Americans in Boston centers around a larger story in America – the fight for liberty, for freedom from tyranny, freedom from enslavement, for independence, and equal protection under the law. As the first state to not have any enslaved people, Massachusetts became a homing beacon for many seeking a life of equality and a community – the north slope of Boston’s Beacon Hill represented that opportunity for many. 

On your walking tour, you will have the chance to see many historic names and events come alive – from the bookshop where Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published to places where famed abolitionist Frederick Douglas spoke regularly. Your tour of Black Heritage Trail will span from the site of the Boston Massacre in 1770 through to a restaurant where Malcolm X was a bus boy in the 1940’s. Your tour will end at the Museum of African American History and the African Meeting House, where your guide will readily assist you in securing tickets to further explore Boston’s Black history at your leisure. 
Private Walking Tour of Boston Freedom trail, Paul Revere House & Boston Public Market Visit
As the cultural capital of Massachusetts, Boston is one of the oldest municipalities in the USA, whose past recalls revolution and progression, and today the city remains powered by forward-thinking as a leader in arts, academia, literature, innovation, and entrepreneurship. To sightsee Boston is to visit a city that is one sprawling, historical outdoor museum, and playground. On your private tour, you will: 

  • Begin your tour in Boston Common - a resplendent green space and the oldest public recreation place in the country - perfect for trouncing through, and equally magical when coated in snow.
  • Walk the Freedom Trail - where sixteen of Boston’s most historical landmarks strung together by a 2.5 mile walking trail of museums, churches, meeting houses, burial grounds, and historic markers 
  • Visit the Granary Burying Ground where you’ll see the final resting place of the famed Sam Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and more.
  • Briefly step off the Freedom trail to visit Boston Public Market and taste fresh cider snacks from Boston's very own Red Apple Farm (light snack included).
  • Tour inside Paul Revere house, the colonial home of the American patriot during the American Revolution and a National Historic Landmark since 1961 (tickets included).
  • Your tour ends in the north end, where you will catch a glimpse of the USS constitution, famed to have defeated five British warships in the War of 1812. 
In a few hours, your private highlights tour, see the major sights and attractions of the city, including Boston Public Market and Paul Revere’s home (with tickets included). First, begin your tour in Boston Common, the oldest green public space in America, dating from 1634. 

Across the road, the Massachusetts State House, the grandiose structure that is the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, holds court over Beacon Hill where your tour continues. Enjoy the centuries-old cobblestone roads and federalist homes which make this neighborhood one of Boston’s most photographed. 

Then, continue down the Freedom Trail to the home of silversmith and the man who took America’s most famous horse-ride. Visit Paul Revere’s home along the trail, and visit the Granary Burying Ground, where several founding fathers are laid to rest. 

Your tour continues with a visit to Boston Public Market, where you will enjoy a true Bostonian treat, included in your tour. After, your guide will happily point you in the best direction of the best lobster rolls to try on your own. Your tour finishes in the North End, where your guide will tell you the story of the USS Constitution, before leaving you with ample knowledge for how to continue enjoying your day. 

Covid 19 update: Please note the Paul Revere House is currently not accepting timed entry reservations. On the day of the tour, if there is an unusually long line to enter the house, your guide will give you information from the outside and take you to visit another one of his/her/their favorite spots. Your tour will end back at the house where your guide will purchase your entrance tickets, and you can visit the house at your own leisure.


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