The World’s Most Economical Taxi

The World’s Most Economical Taxi, one of the most photographed murals in Glasgow by Rogue-One, with a curious fact: the brick wall is actually painted!

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George Square
With statues to Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Robert Peel, and James Watt, the square is one of six city squares that comprise the city centre of Glasgow.
Provand's Lordship
Provan's Lordship is the oldest house in Glasgow constructed in 1471, and one of four buildings that are still standing from Medieval times.
Gallery of Modern Art
The Gallery of Modern Art or GoMA is an important contemporary art gallery in Glasgow.
Merchant City
Originally the home and warehouses of wealthy tobacco lords, Merchant City now flourishes as a city center for locals and travellers.
Fellow Glasgow Residents
Fellow Glasgow Residents is a masterpiece by Smug covering an entire car park wall featuring wildlife that can be found in the city of Glasgow.
The Clutha Portraits
The Clutha Portraits are artworks curated by multiple artists on the walls of The Clutha Bar.

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Discover Glasgow's Vibrant Street Art: Private 2-hour Tour
Immerse yourself in the culture and hear the stories behind the stunning murals that can be found throughout Glasgow, named the 4th best city for Street Art with works from local heroes and well-renowned artists.

On your private street art tour, you will:

  • Experience the real Glasgow and all of its rich culture and vibrant atmosphere;
  • Learn about modern Glasgow and how the art scene has developed dramatically over the last decade;
  • Hear the stories behind some of the most impressive artworks;
  • Discover more than 12 murals that have decorated the walls of Gothic buildings;
  • See ‘Fellow Glasgow Residents’ on Ingram Street by Smug, a famous artist that also left his mark in cities like Aberdeen;
  • Admire ‘The World’s Most Economical Taxi’ by RogueOne, a floating taxi that can be found on Mitchell Street;
  • Snap a photo under the magnifying glass of 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' by Smug;
  • See 'The Clutha Portraits', curated by multiple artists on the wall of The Clutha Bar;
  • Explore a different side of the city including many more hidden gems!

Glasgow's street art has become very distinctive in the last decade with local and international artists who have decorated the walls of the city, turning it into an extraordinary open-air art museum filled with colourful murals and portraits.

Unlike other cities, street art is legal and regulated, which translated into large, professional, and beautiful murals commissioned by the city to artists that have left their mark on the City Centre Mural Trail.

Keep your eyes peeled as you wander down the streets of Glasgow, as new masterpieces keep popping up every day!



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