The Backs

Abutting the backside of six Cambridge colleges, The Backs is a scenic walk alongside the River Cam.

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Mathematical Bridge
Officially named 'Wooden Bridge' and connecting two parts of Queen's College, the self-supporting structure gained its colloquial name for the ingenuity in its design.
St Catharine's College
Founded in the 15th century as Katharine's Hall, the college is known for having an open court style, rather than the quadrangles displayed throughout Oxbridge colleges.
King's College
Founded in 1441 by Henry VI, though its construction was halted by The War of the Roses and was not completed until a century later under Henry VIII.
Cambridge University
Founded in 1209 by Oxonians who had a dispute with Oxford's townspeople, Cambridge is the second oldest university in the English speaking world.
Bridge of sighs, Cambridge
Named after the Venetian Bridge of Sighs, the one in Cambridge connects two quadrangles of St John's College.
The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Fitzwilliam Museum, in the University of Cambridge, collects art and antiques.

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Welcome to Cambridge: Private Tour including King's College Chapel

Cambridge is a beautiful medieval university city, situated on the River Cam in eastern England. The city dates back to 875, and the university was founded in 1209, making it the second oldest university in England and one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world.

On your private tour you will:

  • Learn how Cambridge as a city and Cambridge University developed through the Middle Ages as a rival to Oxford at Cambridge Market Square;
  • See some of the city's most famous colleges and learn why each one is unique, like St. John's College known for its choir and a plethora of famous alumni, among which Nobel Prize winners, prime ministers, princes and even saints; 
  • Stop to admire Great St Mary's, the University Church, the largest church in Cambridge that dates back to the early 1200s;
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the majestic King's College Chapel, famed for its intricate gothic architecture, stained glass windows, and priceless artwork like the Adoration of the Magi painted by Rubens in 1634; 
  • Explore the grounds of King's College and walk down to the river Cam to enjoy "The Backs" lawn - a truly magical photo opportunity; 
  • Cross Silver Street Bridge and learn about Queen's College and the famed Mathematical Bridge, a feat of engineering - that contrary to popular belief was not designed by Sir Issac Newton;
  • Admire the Corpus Clock, unveiled in 2008 by Stephen Hawking, that fascinates locals and tourists alike with its meticulous design and unusual features, such as a giant grasshopper;
  • End your private tour with a well-deserved drink on us, at one of the historic local pubs in Cambridge.

Cambridge University was founded by Oxford scholars who escaped the town/gown riots in the 13th century, and the two universities have enjoyed a friendly (sometimes not so friendly!) rivalry for many centuries. The most famous example of this is the annual Boat Race along the River Thames. As England’s two most ancient universities, they are often called ‘Oxbridge’. 

Today the ‘moderncity of Cambridge has a rich array of bookshops, cafes, pubs, live music venues, comedy clubs, galleries, museums and scenic riverside parks. The banks of the River Cam are fabulous places for picnics and swimming in the summer months. 

On this private walking tour through this beautiful, historic, and world-famous city, your guide will help you uncover the many layers and stories of both Cambridge and its alumni including luminaries such as Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, poets such as Byron and Wordsworth, and several prime ministers.

Enjoy the quaint, antiquated yet vibrant atmosphere – and enjoy stopping off for a pint at a local, historic tavern afterwards. 



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