The Circus

Designed by architect Wood in the 18th century, the Circus is lined with quintessentially Georgian homes.

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Royal Crescent
The iconic street in Bath is lined with over 30 homes.
Bennett and Bath Assembly Room
Frequented by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, the Bath Assembly Rooms were at the heart of Bath's society in the late 18th century.
Queen Square
Yet another of Bath's famous Georgian-home lined streets, Queen's Square is comprised entirely of Grade II listed buildings.
Bath Street
The street - while historic - is otherwise unassuming, except to the discerning traveller who knows the entrance to Thermae Bath Spa is located here.
Abbey Churchyard
Formerly a Benedectine monastery, the Bath Abbey can be traced back to the 7th century.
Pulteney Bridge
With shops stretching across its entire length, it surprises people to know this bridge was privately built for a development by the Pulteneys.

Related Tours

Private Walking Tour of Bath
Discover the historic beauty of this fine Roman spa town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built on underground bubbling thermal springs.

  • Discover the history of the city’s well-preserved thermae around which the small Roman settlement known as Aquae Sulis was established - now known as Bath.
  • Learn how the Mendip Hills feed the underground springs, percolating deep through limestone to the earth’s core where water heats up to115 degrees fahrenheit.
  • See the wealth and prosperity brought to Bath by visiting aristocracy, royalty, and nobility during the era when “taking to the waters’ was fashionable with Europe’s moneyed elite.
  • Discover how the Romans used lead pipes to tap 1.3 million litres of naturally-heated water that gushed to the surface naturally each day. 
  • Bathing was promoted as medically beneficial in the 12th century after the legend of Prince Bladud claimed the mineral rich waters cured leprosy.
  • Learn why 17th century doctors prescribed ingesting the water to treat digestive complaints, prompting Bath’s spa culture to boom.
This private walking tour of Bath will centre on the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and you will begin by strolling elegant Royal Crescent, a sweeping arc of Georgian townhouses built 1767-1774. Georgian architecture is at its finest here, with the Circus inspired by the Roman Colosseum in a design of thirty-three mansions over a trio of terraces where famous residents include Thomas Gainsborough, Clive of India and David Livingstone. 

Discover more Georgian splendour at the Bath Assembly Rooms, a glamorous haunt once frequented by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. At the Cross Bath, a historic bathing pool, learn how the 1688 “miracle pregnancy” of James II’s wife was attributed to the mineral-rich waters’ health-giving powers. Next, Bath Street to the Thermae Bath Spa to enjoy the results of a lavish and meticulous restoration. From here, wander to Bath Abbey, where worshippers would spiritually atone at the altar before physical cleansing in the baths. Our final stop is leafy Parade Gardens, a beguiling 2.5-acre floral garden with fine views of the Palladian style Pulteney Bridge.

Note: This tour does not go into the Roman Baths. We can help you purchase tickets in advance so you can go at the end of the tour. 


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