Mercat Cross

Dating back to the 17th century, Mercat Cross marked the heart of Aberdeen and the symbol of a Burgh’s right to trade.

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Marischal College
Marischal College is the second-largest granite building in the world constructed in 1837, which is now the home of Aberdeen City Council.
The Kirk of St Nicholas
Also known as the "Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting", the Kirk of St Nicholas is a 12th-century church used for special services by the Church of Scotland.
Be amazed by Bordalo's Unicorn; a Portuguese artist that created this masterpiece from discarded materials as part of the artist's Big Trash Animals project.
Man & Dog
Man & Dog is a piece by the artist Smug whose work is very recognisable and one of the biggest artists to leave his mark all over Scotland.
Lego Wall
Admire the Lego Wall by Jan Vormann, an artist that not only makes walls beautiful but fixes them with legos!

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Welcome to Aberdeen: Private 2-hour Highlights Walking Tour
Aberdeen is a charming port city in the northeast of Scotland, known as the Granite City for its unique and beautiful Victorian architecture. It is a prosperous city, famous for its long history, the off-shore petroleum industry, its international golf courses, over 45 public parks, and many, many whiskey distilleries!  

On your private tour, you will:

  • Enjoy a 2-hour introduction tour of Aberdeen's highlights;
  • See Marischal College, the second-largest granite building in the world constructed in 1837, which is now the home of Aberdeen  City Council;
  • Walk past Provost Skene's House, a 16th-century period house furnished with pieces from the 17th, 18th and 19th century;
  • Explore St Nicholas' Kirk, a 12th-century church that was one of the largest and most important in medieval times;
  • Walk down Union Street, the famous shopping street where you can find popular brands as well as independent shops and retailers;
  • Marvel at the impressive Aberdeen street art and amazing murals that pop up in different areas of the city every day;
  • Discover Castlegate Square and the Mercat Cross, where Aberdeen Castle once stood, and many more hidden gems with your private guide!
Explore the highlights of beautiful, vibrant Aberdeen on this fascinating two-hour private walking tour with an expert local guide. 

As a port city, Aberdeen has a fascinating maritime history, a scenic coastline, and an interesting - often bloody - history. Also known as the Granite City, for its imposing and historic architecture, Aberdeen was built at the convergence of the Don and Dee rivers where they meet the Atlantic. 

The name translates as 'mouth of the river Don' - aber is a Pictish word meaning river mouth, and the Don is named after the Gallo Roman goddess of springs and Rivers, Divona. Today it is famous as the off-shore capital of Europe, but prehistoric settlements and villages show the area has been inhabited for over 8000 years. You'll see statues of three Scottish heroes around the city - among the austere silvery granite architecture:  William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and Robert Burns. 

Aberdeen was once famous for its fishing, shipbuilding, paper-making, and textiles. However, these industries have been replaced by more modern high-tech firms, banks, accountancy, as well as the oil industry. Today, Aberdeen is a thriving, contemporary city famous for its architecture, culture, music, and visual arts - especially its amazing, world-famous street art scene. 

There are also a fantastic 45 green parks for walking and relaxing - as well as the nearby international golf courses and of course many, many historic whiskey distilleries - Scotland's national tipple! 


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