Textile Souk

Located in Bur Dubai, this souk contains vibrant colours, vivid fabrics and a multitude of embroidery.

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Bastakia (old) Quarter
The Bastakia or old quarter is an iconic heritage site founded in the 19th Century by Persian merchants.
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Abra Water Taxi Ride Across Dubai Creek
Traditional Abras have existed for hundreds of years and are a lasting reminder of Dubai's old world.
Gold Souk
A traditional market dominated by jewelry stores, it contains many tons of gold at any given moment.
Spice Souk
An assault on the senses, this market sells fragrances such as frankincense with herbs and aromatic spices.

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Explore Dubai’s Exotic Souks
Venture through the sights, sounds, and smells of Dubai's exotic souks. This buzzing trading landmark has existed for centuries, and offers a unique and local experience for travellers.

  • Be guided through the iconic souks of Dubai with your expert guide 
  • Commence your tour by exploring the gold souk, a traditional market rich with jewellery stores 
  • Smell your way through the spice souk, purchasing herbs and aromatic spices
  • Enjoy a short traditional Abra water taxi trip, offering views across Dubai Creek towards the Bur Dubai 
  • Explore the fabrics, colours, and embroidery of the Bur Dubai

Ancient Trading Hub

The United Arab Emirates has long history as a hub of trade in the Middle East. The region was one of the first places outside of Africa settled by humans over 100,000 years ago. It subsequently became a centre of trade for bronze, supplying to the very first cities in the world that had started to emerge at the time, around 5,000 years ago.  

The region was once home to the ancient city of Julfar, the home of the fictional Sinbad the Sailor, and thrived as a Arabic trading hub whose merchants travelled as far away as China and Europe. The city faded from human memory over two hundred years as trade power in the region shifted. The city eventually became engulfed by coastal sand dunes and was only rediscovered in the 1960s. 

Dubai’s Famed Souks

Take a glimpse into the rich trading history of the Southern Gulf in this tour of the Souks of Dubai. Your expert local guide will immerse you in the heady atmosphere of these legendary marketplaces. The gold and spice Souks will be up first; the gold souk is a traditional market dominated by jewellery stores, bursting with many tonnes of gold at any one time. An assault on the senses, the spice souk is a smaller working market that sells fragrances such as frankincense alongside herbs and aromatic spices.

Following on from your tour of the Souks, you will take a short traditional Abra water taxi trip across Dubai Creek to the Bur Dubai- a veritable Aladdin's cave of vivid fabrics, vibrant colours, and a multitude of embroidery.

Travel Curious Tip: Haggling is the norm at these souks, so ask your guide for advice about the best ways to save some money.

We built this tour because the souks can be daunting for travellers, therefore being led by a guide will make for a more pleasurable and informative experience. 


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