Open Air Museum Stockholm

Open-air museum and zoo in Sweden
Open-air museum and zoo in Sweden located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The world's first open-air museum, covering five centuries of Swedish life before the industrial age.
Vasa Museum
A world-renowned maritime museum, Vasamuseet's salvaged 17th century warship is one of a kind.
ABBA the Museum
Opened in 2013 to wide acclaim, this museum on an island is dedicated to Sweden's most famous musical export.
Wasahamnen is the most centrale marina in Stockholm.
Nordic Museum
This cultural and ethnographic museum covers the history of Sweden over the past 500 years.
Viking Museum
Vibrant exhibitions give you the opportunity to experience the Viking Age.

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Stockholm’s Viking & Skansen Museums: Private Tour including tickets

Explore two of Stockholm’s renowned museums with an expert private guide: the Viking Museum and the amazing open-air Skansen Museum dedicated to Swedish life, culture and industry.

On your private tour, you will: 

  • Enjoy the personal attention of your private guide;
  • Visit two of Stockholm’s most interesting and interactive museums, with tickets included to both;
  • First, learn about Sweden’s Viking past and ancestry as you adventure through the interactive and immersive Viking Museum;
  • See exhibits of Viking Long Boats, and other archaeological finds from jewellery to clothing, and learn about the Viking way of life and Viking warfare;
  • Experience the immersive Ragnfrid's Saga, an amazing 11-minute ride through the life of a Viking family in the 10th century, told by Ragnfrid and her husband Harald;
  • Allow your imagination and senses to journey back in time to the Viking Age as you learn about the hardships and heroism, brutality and beauty, culture, ambition and cruelty of the Vikings! 
  • Leave the Viking Museum and head towards your next destination, the astonishing Skansen Museum;
  • Explore the vast open-air Skansen Museum – the oldest of its kind in the world, which showcases the whole of Swedish life and industry with houses farmsteads and artisanal workshops from all over the country, and from different eras;
  • Wander through this unique, living, breathing museum: a place that shows Swedish traditions, music, art, industry and craftsmanship with real actors dressed in different traditional Swedish dress;
  • See the animals at work on the farms, or in the zoo; the only museum in the world to house wild animals such as Nordic wildlife like elk and wolves, rare breeds, domestic pets and exotic creatures;
  • Tour the famous Glasbruck, a glass studio dating to the 1930s and watch the skilled glassblowers transform glowing blobs into exquisite pieces of art using traditional tools, a truly mesmerizing experience;
  • End your tour inside the Skansen Museum to continue exploring this vast place at your leisure;

These two museums are really exciting experiential journeys through time, exploring the fascinating history of Sweden in really interactive ways.

Your first stop is the Viking Museum, completely dedicated to the history of the legendary Vikings in Sweden. The museum is divided into two parts. The first part you’ll visit is the exhibition in which you’ll see examples of the mighty Viking Longboats, and learn about these brutal seafaring warriors. See if you can wield a heavy Viking sword, and feel the weight of a helmet. Learn about their everyday lives, what they ate, how they dressed, their religion and how they lived.

The second part is an immersive ride called Ragnfrid’s Saga, an 11-minute journey through a year in the life of a Viking family in the year 963, narrated by a Viking woman called Ragnfrid. Your voyage begins in Frösala Gård, home to Ragnfrid and her husband Harald, where you see how they live, before venturing into the wider world. Witness the Viking raids in the west and the slave trade to the east. Separate the legends from the facts as you sail with the Vikings!

Next up, visit the world's first open-air museum, Skansen, founded in 1891. Here you can immerse yourself in five centuries of fascinating Swedish history. Around 150 traditional buildings from across the country scatter the hilltop, providing a real glimpse of what it was like to be Swedish hundreds of years ago.

Make sure not to miss the glass-blower cottage, where you can watch the skilled craftsman transform glowing blobs of liquid glass into intricate pieces of art. The Nordic Zoo, with elk, reindeer, wolverines and other native wildlife, is also worth exploring, especially in the height of spring when the zoo is full of baby critters. 



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