Las Ventas Arena

The arena of the bullring is where all the action takes place; at 60 metres in diameter it's one the widest in the world.

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Las Ventas
Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas is an iconic bullring inaugurated in 1931, considered the home of bullfighting in Spain.
Puerta Grande
Exiting the arena through the Triumph Gate is the highest honour a bullfighter can hope for.
Las Ventas Terraces and Stands
The bullring's amazing Neo-Mudéjar seating can hold up to 25,000 spectators.
Puerta de Cuadrillas
Giving access to the horse yard, this is the starting point for all bullfights in Las Ventas.
Puerta de Toriles
Where the bull enters the ring; there are three of these gates around the arena.
Puerta de Arrastre
If the bullfighter comes out of top, the bull is traditionally dragged through this gate before being prepared for a victory feast.

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