Plaça Nova

See the only publicly displayed work made by Picasso at the "Architects Association Building".

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Placa del Rei
Meaning 'Kings Square' this 14th century medieval public square is in the Barri Gòtic of Barcelona.
Plaça de Sant Jaume
Plaça de Sant Jaume is the administrative heart of both the city and surrounding Catalonia.
Els Quatre Gats
Opened in 1897, it was a meeting place for avant-garde artists and writers to exchange ideas. A frequent haunt of Pablo Picasso.
A meat ball dish known as "Mexican Soul Food", it originated in Spain and was taken to Mexico by the conquistadors.
Calamari is deep fried squid covered in batter, a popular dish in Spain and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.
Big Fun Museum
The Big Fun Museum in Barcelona is a whimsical wonderland designed to ignite your imagination and sense of play.

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Picasso & Joan Miró in Barcelona: Private Half-Day Art Tour

Experience a fabulous private art tour to the Joan Miró Foundation and the Picasso Museum, followed by a scenic drive to and from the Miró Foundation which offers stunning panoramic views of Barcelona, and a short walking tour of the trendy El Born neighbourhood.

On this private art tour, you will:

  • Enjoy a scenic drive to Montjuïc in a private vehicle which offers beautiful views of Barcelona;
  • Snap amazing photos from the top of Montjuïc from the viewing point "Mirador de l'Alcalde";
  • Admire the work of Barcelona-born surrealist artist Joan Miró on a guided tour of the Foundation dedicated to him;
  • Discover the iconic "Els 4Gats", the bar where Pablo Picasso drank with the Bohemian set of Barcelona and hosted his first exhibition!;
  • Walk towards "Plaza Nova" to see the only publicly displayed work made by Picasso at the "Architects Association Building";
  • Wander through the beautiful El Born neighbourhood filled with medieval streets;
  • Explore the Picasso Museum with your private guide and see some of his most famous and beloved pieces;
  • End the tour inside the Museum to continue exploring at your own pace.

For lovers of twentieth-century modern art from Surrealism and Dadaism to Cubism and Expressionism, this is your perfect private tour, with tickets to the Joan Miro Foundation and Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Your tour also includes a scenic drive to and from the Miro Foundation, as well as a short walking tour through the medieval, and very trendy El Born district.

Joan Miro was a famous Catalan artist, born to a watchmaker-father and goldsmith-mother in the stunning seaport city of Barcelona in 1893. He died in Palma on Christmas day 1983. He was a sculptor, painter and ceramicist who went on to become one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century with his eccentric, fantastical style.

Miro’s work was diverse and spanned Surrealism, Dadaism and Expressionism, Cubism and latterly Symbolism among other genres. He drew inspiration from the latter-Impressionists like Gauguin and Van Gogh, surrealist poetry and even Freudian psychoanalysis. He met and worked with several leading artists when he moved to Paris – including Max Ernst and Wassily Kandinsky. Today Miro’s works sell for between 5 and 25 million dollars.

After a private tour of the Miro Foundation, enjoy a comfortable break and the fabulous panoramic views before driving back to central Barcelona to explore the life of Pablo Picasso.

Picasso was born on 25 October 1881 in Malaga Southern Spain – and went on to become arguably the most iconic artist of the 20th Century. He died on 8th April 1973 in France – where he spent the majority of his adult life. Famous for his friendship with Gertrude Stein, his first patroness in Paris, Picasso became a hugely prolific artist, ceramicist, theatre designer and sculptor.

He was a founder of the Cubist movement and one of the defining artists of the 20th Century. His work sells for between 120,000 and 140 million!

The son of an artist, Picasso spent his childhood moving around Spain – but would perhaps feel most at home in Barcelona. After two years of studying fine art in Madrid, observing the masters like El Greco, he returned to Barcelona in 1899 and began to frequent The Four Cats Café / Els Quatre Gats. It was here that he met, ate, and drank with other artists and became a leading light in Barcelona’s Bohemian set.

You’ll be dropped off at the iconic 4 Cats Café, so be sure to take photos outside, before wandering through the wonderful El Born neighbourhood – historic, beautiful, and today very fashionable. Here you’ll see some rare public works by Picasso, then head into the Picasso Museum for a privately guided tour.

Your tour finishes inside the museum for you to enjoy at your own leisure. 



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