Cabo da Roca

Enjoy spectacular views from the westernmost point of continental Europe.

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Bring a picnic if you plan to stay for a while, as there is not much there apart from a lighthouse, a coffee shop and a gift house!

“Aqui, onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa…”

Here, where the land ends and the sea begins — this is how Luís de Camōes, one of Portugal’s most revered poets, described the Cabo da Roca in his The Lusiads. This cape is the westernmost part of continental Europe, and has long held a romantic significance in the hearts of people. After all, until the late 14th century it was believed to be the edge of the world. The Romans knew it as Promontorium Magnum, and during the Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th century it was known simply as the Rock of Lisbon.


The western coast of Portugal is a mix of tranquil sandy beaches and surging rocky cliffs. Around Cabo da Roca, the latter are in force: the surrounding cliffs are more than 100 metres in height, carved by the elements from crystalline rocks.

Sadly a good deal of the natural wildlife has been lost. Several decades ago residents introduced the invasive plant species Carpobrotus edulis as ground cover, but the creeping, mat-forming plant has since overrun much of the land on Cabo da Roca. Nonetheless the views remain spectacular. Watch the sun rise over the mountains to the east, or watch it sink into the dark waves of the Atlantic to the west.

Nearby Attractions

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Quinta da Regaleira
This romantic UNESCO World Heritage Site displays the wealth and extravagance of the Portuguese elite.
Well of Initiation
This ceremonial well features a spiral staircase into a tunnel system that connects it to other monuments and caves around the park.
Portal of the Guardians
One of the main features is the Portal of the Guardians which stands at one end of a courtyard. This long curved structure is flanked by two towers with a central pavilion, hiding the entrance to a tunnel that leads to the Initiation Well.
Fountain of the little birds
An Islamic pavilion with a hexagonal footprint topped by a dome, and inside between some benches a fountain with clear water.
Monserrate Palace
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Sintra, Pena Palace & Coastal Towns: Private Day Trip from Lisbon
Experience a magical world of ancient castle forts surrounded by evergreen forests, spectacular fairytale castles, and breathtakingly beautiful views toward the sea on this private day trip from Lisbon to Sintra, Cabo da Roca and the golden sands of Cascais on the Atlantic coast. 
Described as the Garden of Eden by Lord Byron, Sintra is a unique and beautiful town in the foothills of Portugal’s Sintra Mountains, home to the Pena Palace and just 20 miles from Lisbon. Cape Roca or Cabo da Roca is the cape that forms the westernmost point of continental Europe, with not to be missed dramatic coastal views, and Cascais is a charming coastal town known for its pretty sandy beaches and busy port. 

On your private day trip, you will:

  • Explore the famous and eccentric Pena Palace, a colourful Romanticist castle located atop a hill above the town of Sintra and former home to the Portuguese royal family; 
  • Visit the opulent Pena Palace interior and step out onto its beautiful terraces that boast breathtaking views over the surrounding park and Lisbon (on a clear day);
  • Enjoy free time for lunch in the quaint and cobbled streets of Sintra, a pretty and historic town famous for its Moorish fort, the Pena Palace, and its lovely atmosphere, with wonderful bistros and boutiques and views over the hillside - Lord Byron famously stayed here and fell in love with it; 
  • Relax on a drive through Sintra Natural Park which has its own microclimate, making it often cooler than the neighbouring Lisbon (sometimes up to 5ºC cooler);
  • Stand 140 meters above sea level and admire the dramatic cliffside views at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Portugal and of continental Europe;
  • Enjoy free time to explore the charming seaside town of Cascais, once a small fishing village that became the premier holiday destination of the Lisbon locals and nobles, offering charming views, small beaches, the medieval Nossa Senhora da Luz Fort and the Citadel Palace, a former royal retreat;
  • Hop back in your private transport for an easy transfer back to Lisbon.

Your all-inclusive private day trip led by an experienced local guide starts early with pick-up from your hotel in Lisbon to ensure that you avoid the queues and crowds at Pena Palace, the colourful fairytale castle perched high on the hill above the charming town of Sintra

Built in the 19th century, this was the summer country home of the Portuguese royal family and is set amidst a dramatic landscape of a hilly evergreen forest, with spectacular views over the surrounding landscape. It was built by King Ferdinand II who had a very flamboyant and larger-than-life taste, evidenced by the bright red and yellow domes, and opulent interior! It is an adaptation of 16th-century monastic ruins and an imitation of a medieval fortress. 

After your morning tour, enjoy free time for lunch in Sintra, a pretty cobbled town with wonderful restaurants and views. Lord Byron called it the Garden of Eden on a visit.  After lunch, enjoy a scenic drive through Sintra Natural Park to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Continental Europe, with amazing cliffside views of the ocean. Then drive to Cascais for a guided tour of this historic and charming coastal town, home to the medieval Nossa Senhora da Luz Fort and the 15th-century Citadel Palace, a former royal retreat.

Lastly, enjoy a relaxing drive back to Lisbon. 


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