Nożyk Synagogue

Built between 1898 & 1902, Nożyk Synagogue is the only surviving prewar Jewish house of prayer in Warsaw.

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Palace of Culture and Science
Stalin's Soviet Union gave this building to the polish people as a ‘gift of friendship’ in 1955.
Saxon Gardens
The Saxon Gardens were built in a French Baroque style in the 1727, before famous parks such as Versaille.
Ghetto Wall Remnant
Remnant of Warsaw Ghetto wall behind a house at Sienna Street.
Ghetto Boundary markers
Memorial plaques and street lines mark the perimeter of the former ghetto established by the Germans in 1940.
Prozna Street
Historical street in Warsaw still featuring as many as four tenement houses.
Grzybowski Square
A triangular square in the Śródmieście district originally part of the Warsaw Ghetto from 1940 to 1942 and the heart of Jewish culture.

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