Guinigi Tower

The 45 metres high Tower was built in the second half of the fourteenth century by the Guinigis and is now home to many ancient Holm oaks at the top.

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One of the great centres of culture and learning since the Renaissanace, Pisa is a classic Italian city which has a lot more to offer than the tower it is known for.
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa's infamous monument is known for its nearly four-degree lean, the result of an unstable foundation.
Pisa Cathedral
Consecrated in 1118, is the oldest of the three structures in the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa.
Baptistery of Pisa
It is situated in Piazza dei Miracoli and it's one of the tallest religious buildings in Pisa.
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro
The ring of buildings surrounding the square follows the elliptical shape as they were built on the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheatre.
St Martin Cathedral
Located in the centre of the old city, dating back to the 11th century, it is the seat of the Archbishop of Lucca.

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The Walled City of Lucca: Private Day Trip from Florence by Train
Explore the picture-perfect Italian city of medieval Lucca on this privately guided day trip from Florence by train. Lucca, the birthplace of Puccini, is famous for its exquisite and beautifully preserved medieval and Renaissance architecture, the old ramparts that protect the city, and its atmospheric cobblestone streets. 

 On your private tour, you will:
  • Meet your guide outside Florence's train station Santa Maria Novella;  
  • Catch the train to Lucca, enjoy the scenic countryside views of Tuscany and your guide's expert commentary on the historical background of Lucca; 
  • Once in Lucca, admire, first of all, the fortress-like wall that encases the city called the "Mura di Luca"
  • Walk around the historic centre, stopping to admire and learn about the highlights of the city – with its mix of Ancient Roman, medieval, and Renaissance architecture;  
  • Walk into Piazza Napoleone, dedicated to Napoleon and bordered by the 16th-century Ducal Palace of Lucca
  • Explore the stunning medieval complex of buildings that include the Cathedral of St Martin and the Church of Saint John and Saint Reparata – first built in the 5th century
  • See the iconic Guinigi Tower built as a symbol of wealth and power in the 14th century and planted with oak trees at the top; 
  • Walk around the stunning Piazza dell'Anfiteatro built on top of a 1st-century Roman Amphitheatre;  
  • Admire the huge and stunning Byzantine mosaics on the outside of the Romanesque Basilica di San Frediano
  • Pass by the famous clock tower, and be wowed by the soaring façade of the Church of St Michael in Foro, built upon the old Forum in the 1100s; 
  • Stop outside the house museum dedicated to the life of composer Puccini;  
  • Enjoy a last stroll through the charming cobbled streets and alleyways of Lucca as you return to the train station; 
  • Take the return train arriving at Santa Maria Novella in time to enjoy a full afternoon in Florence!
Lucca is a Tuscan city famous for its imposing medieval walls – so wide you can walk and cycle on them, the massive 14th-century Guinigi Tower, its charming and well-preserved architecture dating from the medieval to Renaissance period, its Piazza dell Anfiteatro and St Michael’s Church (both built on top of ancient Roman ruins) as well as for being the birthplace of Puccini.
Enjoy strolling its gorgeous streets, learning all about its stunning architecture and its place as a powerful city of trade during the medieval period – as attested by the vast Guinigi Tower.   A fabulous and fascinating day trip from Florence. 


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