Victoria Harbour

The largest bay in all of China, Victoria harbour is famed for its incredible views of the Hong Kong skyline.

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Have a meal at a floating restaurant. Try Jumbo, which is iconic and has been part of the Hong Kong scene since the 50s

Victoria Harbour is Hong Kong’s life line to the world. This natural landform harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, is the largest in China and the third largest in the world, after only San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. Day and night the waters are ruffled by all manner of ships, from cruisers to cargo ships and even wooden fishing vessels.

For Queen and Country

The name, of course, comes from the British Queen Victoria. She sat the throne for 63 years — the longest in the history of Great Britain. During that time her country thrived economically and culturally - though often at the steep expense of others - and when Hong Kong was ceded to the British Empire by the Chinese, the harbour was quickly renamed.

City Lights

Victoria harbour is renowned for being a truly beautiful sight at night. It’s skyline is formidable, and when the myriad, multicolour lights are reflected on the inky water the view is really something. Every night there is also ‘A Symphony of Lights’, in which 40 skyscrapers combine for a dazzling multimedia light show. The best way to watch this is undoubtedly on a night ferry quietly making the two-hour trip across the harbour.

On the Waterfront

Take a walk along the waterfront and you will find many of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions, including the Clock Tower, Avenue of Stars and Hong Kong Space Museum. Also keep your eyes open for the IFC Two Tower, which Christian Bale slid down as Batman in The Dark Night!

Nearby Attractions

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Victoria Peak
This famous vantage point is the highest on the island, offering panoramic views over the metropolis.
The Mid-Levels Escalators
A microcosm of culture has grown around the Mid-Levels: the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.
Man Mo Temple
One of the oldest temples in Hong Kong, the atmospheric Man Mo is nestled among high rises and skyscrapers.
Mongkok Markets
The kaleidoscopic variety of this bustling area includes the Ladies', Flower, Bird and Goldfish markets.
Lying at the southern tip of Hong Kong Island, this relaxing seaside town is famed for its large market.
Ocean Park
A theme park, aquarium and zoo all rolled into one, Ocean Park is the most popular family day out in Hong Kong.

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The Heart of Hong Kong
East Meets West

Hong Kong is a city of opposites – a kaleidoscopic fusion of East and West, past and future. Historic buildings perch amid towering skyscrapers; tranquil temples sit alongside bustling highways. Discover these contradictions for yourself on this immersive half day tour, as you’re guided through many of the top sites in the city, whilst also discovering hidden backstreets and local neighbourhoods with your knowledgeable guide. 

Your tour will begin at the Tsim Sha promenade, where you’ll make your way past the iconic Clock tower, a prominent reminder of British colonial rule, and the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong’s answer to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. From here you’ll cross the bay on the famous Star Ferry – over a century old, these boats are still unbeatable in the stunning views they offer of Victoria Harbour and the city’s incredible skyline. 

Futurist Skyscrapers and Tranquil Temples

Once on Hong Kong island, your guide will lead you through Central, the financial hub and political heart of the city. Starting at Statue Square, you’ll walk beneath futuristic skyscrapers, learning how the ancient art of Feng Shui influenced these modern architectural giants, before moving into the small streets of the Sheung Wan district, populated with traditional Chinese medicine shops and some of the oldest buildings in the city. Surrounded by high-rises, you can grab a welcome break from the chaos of these busy streets inside the tranquil Man Mo Temple.  

Take a step back in time as you hop aboard Hong Kong’s iconic ‘Ding Ding’ trams to explore this lively north corridor of the Island. Follow your guide through local hotspots as you traverse the mid-level escalators, winding your way through the buzzing microcosm of life in the Soho district. Finally, you’ll ride the unmissable Peak tram up to Victoria peak, arriving at the pinnacle of these steep slopes to a remarkable panoramic vision of Hong Kong’s unique skyline. 


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