Temple of Hephaestus

Located just above Thissio, this ancient temple was opened in the 5th century BC and still remains largely intact.

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This stunning monumental gateway leads onto the plateau of the Acropolis.
Monastiraki Square
Once the site of the largest monastery in Athens, this square is now one of the major shopping districts in the city.
Areopagus Hill
Also known as the Rock of Ares, this outcrop is famed as the location of Paul's sermon to the Athenians.
The Agora was the heart of ancient Athens, acting as a focal point for commercial, political and social activity.
Thissio is one of locals' favorite neighborhoods, with open air concerts and lined with kafeneios interspersed with its many neoclassical buildings.
At the heart of Greek social life are kafeneios - local cafes which serve coffee, ouzo, and local beer.

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Private Walking Tour of Athens with a Local
Travel isn’t just about travel, it’s people, faces, food and cultures,  discoveries and different ways of life - it’s about uncovering the city’s soul. In Athens - one of the world’s finest preserved ancient cities - venturing off the tourist drag is near impossible to perfect without a local guide, and worth every moment of serenity. 

  • Enjoy meaningful insights from a local Athenian as you wander this little-known neighborhood.
  • Hear how locals describe Athens - the experiences that have shaped their worldview, how they feel about tourism, and how they hope to protect their city for future guests.
  • Spend a few hours walking around Athens’ smallest districts and adjoining parks with a private, local guide.
  • Pick up invaluable recommendations, advice, and tips on finding the best, local food as you explore highlights and off-the-beaten-track side streets.
  • Grab a drink - an espresso and nibbles or a glass of wine- in your local guide’s favorite kafeneios  cafe.
Learn first-hand what locals love about Athens from someone who knows each of its ancient roads.
Greece’s capital ranks amongst the world’s oldest cities, with history spanning over 3,400 years, and human settlements believed to date back to the 11th millennium BC. Today, the city packs a heady punch of absorbing ancient history and hip, gritty neighbourhoods overlooked by the Acropolis even in  Athen’s furthest reaches.

Enjoying a private, guided tour with a local will help you discover one of Athens’ most elegant and enchanting districts, Thissio, which tourists often miss though it’s only blocks from Monastiraki Square. As you snap pictures of the hodge-podge of Byzantine churches, Ottoman architecture and buildings in neoclassical style offer striking classical enclaves in the city, hear how Thissio has become a popular place for local Athenians to spend their time off. As you walk each elaborate street, you will uncover the authenticity hidden in plain-sight in Greece’s capital city.  Your walking tour down wide, pedestrian roads in Thissio is immersive - where you can enjoy new views of Acropolis Hill at a local kafeneio. Enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine, as you jot down your guide’s version of “must do Athens,” which will keep you on your feet for the rest of your time in Athens. 


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