Berlin's largest inner city park, located next to the parliamentary and government district

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With over 14 miles of pathways covering 520 acres of parkland, there’s plenty to see in Tiergarten.

No trip to Berlin would be complete without visiting the Tiergarten. In fact, you would be hard pushed not to end up there eventually - the district is bursting with energy, charisma and world-class attractions. On the eastern rim of the district, where the divide between East and West Berlin once stood, you can find the thriving Potsdamer Platz and the timeless Brandenburg Gate. Nearby you can find the Berliner Philharmonie, home of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and the beautiful Neoclassical Saint Matthew church.

The Moving Pillar

But the place with which the Tiergarten is most often associated is the enormous park at its centre, which is simply known as Tiergarten. It was originally founded as a hunting ground for the ruler of Brandenburg, and is now much-loved by Berliners as a peaceful urban oasis and one of the largest city parks in Germany. In the middle of Tiergarten is the Great Star square, at the centre of which stands the 67m-tall Victory Column. It was built in 1864 to commemorate the Prussian victory over the Danish, and has been moved several times since. Barack Obama gave a speech here in 2008 in front of over 200,000 people.

In Memorian

Take a short walk and you’ll find yourself at the gates of the Berlin Zoo, which houses the most comprehensive collection of captive species anywhere in the world. Keep wandering and sooner or later you’ll find a beautiful memorial to Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart, as well as one to Bizmarck, and another huge monument commemorating the Soviet soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin.

Nearby Attractions

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The Reichstag
Constructed to house the Parliament of Germany, this imposing building has had a turbulent past.
Soviet War Memorial
The War Memorial, erected by the Soviet Union, is one of three memorials to fallen Russian soldiers in the city.
Victory Column
A tribute to the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War, the Victory Column is of one of the best known symbols of Berlin.
Brandenburg Gate
This 18th-century neoclassical triumphal arch is one of the best-known German landmarks: the grand entrance to the capital of Prussia.
17th of June Street
Running through the heart of the city, this boulevard offers the opportunity for a historic walk.
A cosy spot in central Berlin, Potsdamerplatz is ideal for people-watching with a delicious cup of coffee.

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