RAW-Gelände in Friedrichshain , Berlin is a former train station with an amazing nightlife

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Known for its bustling nightlife, in Friedrichshain, you will also find peaceful green spaces and cosy cafes in this neighbourhood.
Vietnamese Food Berlin
Vietnamese Food in Berlin
Vegan Donuts
Vegan Donuts Berlin
Boxhagener Strasse
Known by Berliners as 'Boxi', this part of East Berlin is filled with trendy flea markets, farmer's markets, and locals.
Urban Spree
Urban Spree is an artistic area with art, dance clubs and food stands
Traditional german dish

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Flavours of Berlin: Private Food Tour including German Beer!
Savour the sights, sounds and classic tastes of Berlin on this delicious cultural, foodie private tour of the city, including several tastings of popular cuisine and street food, and of course traditional German beer. 

On your private food tour, you will:

  • Enjoy the personal attention of your private local guide;
  • Wander around Berlin’s Friedrichshain, and immerse yourself in its punky, alternative vibe and taste a variety of local cuisines;
  • Indulge in delicious street food – the ever-popular Doner Kebab, with its origins in Turkey;
  • Try the Berlin staple: Currywurst – the question is, skin on or skin off?;
  • Get a real understanding of the foodie culture of Berlin and eat like a local;
  • Taste the famed Flammekueche - German Pizza!;
  • Enjoy learning about the long history of beer brewing in Germany whilst enjoying a beer at a local brewery.

Discover the delicious foodie scene of Berlin on this walking and tasting tour around the highlights of the city. Stop at a variety of bars, cafes, street food stalls and markets to taste some delicious hearty German foods and some of the popular foreign influences from Turkey and Asia!

Learn about Berlin during the Second World War and the construction of the Berlin Wall and its collapse – whilst also hearing about the famous Currywurst, which is now a source of national pride. It even has a museum dedicated to it! 

Consisting of sausage, covered in tomato sauce with curry powder, and the secret ingredient Worcestershire sauce, the combination dates to 1949 when a lady called Herta Heuwer poured the ingredients she’d been given by British soldiers over a grilled sausage. You’ll find Currywurst on almost every street corner of Berlin! 

Berlin is famous for its diverse influence of flavours from Asia, Italy and Turkey. Try flammkuchen, a delicious German-style pizza, and indulge your sweet tooth with a special treat!

Germany is also famous for its love of beer and was once considered the beer capital of Europe with over 300 breweries, and a history of brewing beer dating back to 800 BC! Berlin has a major craft beer and micro-brewery scene with many beer gardens throughout the city. 

The most popular brew in Berlin is the famous Berliner Weisse, which you may sample along the way! Prost!
East Berlin's Street Art: Private Walking Tour
Explore the urban counterculture of Friedrichshain, once divided by the Berlin Wall, the former East Berlin - is now famous for its political art and subversive counterculture. 

On your private tour you will:

  • Learn all about the history of former East Berlin from your private guide, and the counterculture that emerged both before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall;
  • Learn all about life behind the Iron Curtain, and how it finally came down;
  • Admire the iconic Oberbaum Bridge: a Cold War checkpoint between West and East a modern-day symbol of unified Berlin;
  • Visit the East Side Gallery - stretching 1.3 km, it is the longest open-air gallery of history and art in the world;
  • Visit RAW, an offbeat sociocultural jumble of graffiti-covered subcultural compounds;
  • See refurbed bookshops, art cinemas and grassroots record labels;
  • See Boxhagener Strasse (“boxi” to Berliners) art studios and graffiti-covered hip cafes.
Friedrichshain is one of Berlin’s most eclectic and interesting neighbourhoods, steeped in historic political art, creative self-expression and punky rebel music. On your private tour, you will see contemporary and underground art galleries, urban sculpture, and guerilla gardens and soak up the neighbourhood’s alternative, Bohemian vibe. A subterranean world of tunnels, storage rooms, air-raid shelters and deserted subway stations once smuggled people from East to West. Today entire buildings cloaked in protest murals and rebel-rousing graffiti draw visitors to an artsy counterculture scene where the past lives on in clandestine kitsch cafes, funky bars and slogan-painted techno clubs in disused former Eastern Bloc warehouses. 

This immersive tour of the counterculture in East Berlin takes you beyond the typical tourist sites to discover more than Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, into the city’s lesser-known treasure troves of Cold War subterfuge and dissent. On the banks of the Spree River, Friedrichshain’s art installations include everything from concrete mixers and barbed wire to 1960s newsreels. Stroll Boxhagener Platz and Revaler Strasse to see Soviet-era buildings, GDR-era relics, the longest surviving stretch of the Berlin Wall, and the East Side Gallery. Experience the artsy Friedrichshain district with its diverse subcultures and storied past.


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