Le Marais

Though gentrification has made this one of the city’s most fashionable quarters, it is still heavily Jewish and has been for nearly one hundred years.

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Inkeeping with its bohemian feel, this is one of Paris’ best districts for vintage clothes shopping.

Spread out over the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements on the Right Bank of the Seine, Le Marais is an endlessly charming labyrinth of small crooked alleyways where you can easily wander for a day. It is arguably the most historic district in Paris, with more pre-revolutionary buildings left intact than anywhere else in the city. As well as imbuing the area with a strong sense of history, the age of the place gives Le Marais a completely different feel. While Paris is famed for its wide open squares and avenues (think Place de la Concorde and the Champs-Élysées), these were actually only constructed during the rule of Napoleon after the French Revolution. The architecture and haphazard layout of Le Marais is what all of Paris would once have looked like, and so it offers an intriguing insight into the Paris of old.

The Spirit of the Revolution

Nevertheless, the lack of major world attractions often means that Le Marais is overlooked by visitors to Paris. But what it lacks on this front it more than makes up for in charm, and you can immediately see how its unmistakably Bohemian vibe brought Robespierre, Victor Hugo and Jim Morrison to live here. Particularly worth visiting is the Place des Vosges, one of Paris’ most beautiful parks, built by Henry IV and considered by Napoleon himself to be the jewel of Paris.

Nearby Attractions

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Rue des Archives
This emblematic Marais street is perfect for a pleasant walk to explore the rich history and architecture of the neighbourhood.
Rue des Rosiers
The Rue des Rosiers, which means "street of the rosebushes," is a street in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, France.
Jardin des Rosiers
Joseph-Migneret is a charming little park that the locals know
Marche des Blancs Manteaux
Marche des Blancs-Manteaux hosts exhibitions and concerts
Square Georges Cain
Square Georges Cain garden in Paris
Rue des Francs-bourgeois
Rue des Francs-Bourgeois is one of the longer streets in the Marais district of Paris

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Visit Le Marais on a Private Pastry Tour
Explore the cultural heritage of Les Marais through tasting food with your private guide. On your private pastry tour, you will: 

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  • Wander through the charming and historic Le Marais district of Paris. 
  • Taste some chocolate labeled by the French government as "Living heritage enterprise".
  • Have a coffee in a beautiful and legendary spot.
  • End up the tour by having a glass of wine in a typical Parisian terrace.

Welcome to the hippest district in Paris, where nothing can overshadow the timeless charm of Le Marais. On your private pastry tour, you will see several of the neighbourhood’s most iconic sites, including the Centre Pompidou, while most exploring spots are off the beaten track. You will visit numerous pastry shops, biting into the best macaron, and sipping coffee like a Parisian, while learning about several communities that have made the district home, including the LGBTQ+ community and Jewish community. Search out new hidden gems with your guide, and explore the twisting alleys of Le Marais. 

The mouth-watering journey they offer will make you meet incredible and talented artisans behind well-known brands or hidden addresses that will be revealed to you along the way; but above all, you will get the occasion to treat yourself with their savoury creations, such as a famous bread considered as a national treasure since the 1930s, the world-renowned macarons with foie gras and caviar flavour, some grand-cru chocolate made by the Best Craftsman in France. Your tour finishes with a glass of wine on a Parisian terrace, where you can spend time relaxing after your delectable tour. 



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