St. George's Basilica

Located inside Prague's Castle this 10th-century basilica was rebuilt in 1142, with a baroque facade & Bohemian art decorations.

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Prague Castle
The world’s largest ancient castle, this imposing Gothic fortress overlooks the river Vltava and the rest of the city.
St Vitus Cathedral
A stunning masterpiece of Gothic architecture designed by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.
Golden Lane
Golden Lane is a street situated in Prague Castle, Czech Republic.
Prague Old Royal Palace
Designed in the Gothic and Renaissance styles, this 12th century Palace is now part of the Prague Castle.
Lobkowicz Palace
The only privately owned building inside the Prague Castle complex, housing the Lobkowicz Collections & Museum.
Church of St. Nicholas
The very best of Prague Baroque, in the heart of the city's Lesser Town.

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Visit Prague Castle & Lobkowicz Palace: Private Half-Day Tour

Immerse yourself in the history of the fascinating city of Prague as you visit Prague Castle with your private tour guide, the largest castle complex in the world built in the 9th century, and explore the Lobkowicz Palace, home to the Lobkowicz Collections and museum.

On this private half-day tour, you will:

  • Explore Prague Castle, a UNESCO world heritage site, with tickets included and a private guide throughout your tour;
  • Learn about the Czech monarchy and the architecture, some parts which date back to the 9th century, when the castle was first founded;
  • Explore St George’s Basilica and St Vitus Cathedral while learning about the history of Prague as the capital for Holy Roman emperors throughout the Middle Ages;
  • Visit St. Vitus Cathedral where the tomb of Saint Wenceslaus can be found;
  • Stroll down idyllic Golden Lane, originally built where you will get a sense of life behind the castle walls;
  • End your tour with a guided visit to the Lobkowicz Palace, where you will see works by Canaletto, and Bruegel and the original manuscripts of pieces by Beethoven and Mozart.

Prague Castle looms above the Vltava River’s left bank and is adorned with many beautiful fairytale-like spires and towers. Within its walls lies a fascinating collection of historic buildings, museums and galleries that are home to some of the Czech Republic's greatest artistic and cultural treasures. Prague Castle is an absolute must for anyone visiting the Czech Republic.

The castle has long been the seat of Czech monarchs as well as the official residence of the head of state. Its construction has been on a monumental scale and is famed across Europe; with Prince Bořivoj founding a fortified settlement here in the 9th century.

It grew sporadically as monarchs made their own additions to the castle complex. There have been four major reconstructions, from that of Prince Soběslav in the 12th century to a classical facelift under Empress Maria Theresa (r 1740–80).

Your expert city guide will help you to unravel the fascinating history of this enigmatic building in the heart of Prague. The Castle also provides a breathtaking, royal view over Charles Bridge, the Vltava river and the rest of Prague.

Exploring the Castle complex will help us to discover more about the fascinating life of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, and his contributions to his Empire.

After your tour of Prague Castle, you will visit the Lobkowicz Palace, which is another portion of the castle’s complex with your tour guide.

You will see the original manuscripts by famous composers – each with handwritten notes by the composers themselves, and see the works by some of the great masters, including Bruegel and Velásquez.



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