Jewish Quarter

Formerly the Jewish Ghetto, this historic enclave is surrounded by the Old Town.

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Old-New Synagogue
Built in 1270, Europe’s oldest active synagogue holds years of fascinating Jewish history.
Parizska Street
Expensive and exclusive, Parizska is the ultimate luxurious shopping destination.
Old Town Square
This medieval town square is the busiest and most beautiful in Prague.
An ancient place of learning, Baroque Clementinum is today the Czech national library.
Mánes Bridge
The Vltava's ninth bridge connects the Rudolfinum with the Lesser Quarter, and embodies the spirit of Czech Modernism.
Jewish Museum
One of Europe's oldest museums of Jewish culture and heritage, comprising six distinct sites.

Related Tours

Jewish Quarter & Museum Private Walking Tour
In this three-hour walking tour, you will explore the long and fascinating history of Jewish people in Prague, dating from the tenth century, through the atrocities of World War II, up to the present day. Located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, the Jewish Ghetto is a truly eye-opening journey into the heart of medieval European history. 

  • Explore Prague's Jewish Quarter, Josefov 
  • Visit the Gothic Old-New Synagogue
  • Pay your respects at the Old Jewish Cemetery 
  • Learn about the Jewish experience within Prague at the Jewish Museum
Medieval Prague

Your tour will include visits into the numerous synagogues open to the public, including Europe’s oldest working Jewish Temple- the Old-New Synagogue. Completed around 1270, the Old-New Synagogue is one of Prague’s earliest Gothic buildings and one of its most beautiful. You have to step down into it because it predates the raising of Staré Město’s street level in the medieval period, in order to guard against floods. 

Fueling Prague’s Unique Cultural Scene

You will also pay a visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery, which dates from the 15th century and offers a unique opportunity to gain a greater insight into the customs and burial rituals of medieval times. You will learn that as many as 100,000 bodies are buried in the cemetery, despite there only being 12,000 visible tombstones! 

Throughout your tour, you will gain a greater appreciation of the struggles the Jewish community has faced in central Europe and will understand how in the 19th century, Jewish hardship would eventually become woven into the intellectual movement of Prague. It is no surprise that authors native to Prague, including Franz Kafka, would become inspired by prevailing themes of suffering and hardship. Hopefully, by the end of this tour, you will feel better acquainted with the rich and complex history of the Jewish community in Europe, as well as with the fascinating forces behind Prague’s exciting cultural scene.
Private Tour of Communist Era Prague
On your Private Tour of Communist Era Prague, delve into Prague’s lesser-known corners to seek out telltale reminders of the city’s 41 years under communist rule (1948-1989). You will:

  • Begin your private tour at the Prague Metronome - built on the site where a statue of Stalin used to loom over the city. 
  • Learn about the counterculture and subversion under the communist regime. 
  • Hear tales of underground nuclear bunkers and other seemingly apocalyptic markers throughout the city. 
  • Learn about the surveillance techniques of the Czech Secret Police
  • See key Communist-era buildings, monuments and memorials, including the Municipal House.
  • Finish your tour in Wenceslas Square, which stood as the city’s focal point for rallies and protests and the 1989 fall of communism. 
Begin your tour on the slopes of Letná Park, a 23-metre metronome created in 1991 by Czech designer Vratislav Novák. Locals claim the metronome - which often doesn’t work - symbolises the country’s move away from socialism towards an uncertain future. Continue your tour as you cross the Vltava River into the Jewish Quarter, where anti-semitism took on new fervor under the communist regime. Learn about the unique and decades-long persecution of the Jewish community as you walk through the area. 

On your private tour, you will learn about the interrogation of ordinary working-class citizens and the oppression of any so-called enemies. Learn how Prague’s intelligentsia were forced into menial jobs and dissidents tortured for subversion. Pass Prague’s most prominent Art Nouveau building, Municipal House, where Czechoslovakia as an independent state was proclaimed.

Finish your tour in Wenceslas Square, which is synonymous with the Czech mass rallies  that is synonymous with Czech mass rallies. pause by a simple bronze cross paying homage to Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc. Palach set himself on fire in protest, making headline global news - a story that intensified when fellow student Jan Zajíc also set himself ablaze. Fascinating, and harrowing at times, this fully immersive experience provides rich historical and social context. 
Prague's Jewish Heritage Live Virtual Tour
Discover Prague’s Jewish Heritage on this Live Virtual Tour and learn about the history that dates back to the 13th century when Jewish people were ordered to vacate their disparate homes and forced to settle in this one area. On this live virtual tour, you will :

  • See the Old-New Synagogue, one of the oldest active temples in the world, 
  • See the Old Jewish Cemetery going back to the 15th century, 
  • See the Spanish Synagogue built in Moorish style,
  • Follow the steps of Rabbi Loew.
Your guide will virtually take you on a stroll through Prague's Jewish Quarter,  located between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River, where you will hear the history of the Jewish Community in Bohemia and Moravia. 

Over the centuries, Jews were banned from living anywhere else in Prague. The significant historical monuments survived the Nazi occupation in the 20th-century; Adolf Hitler decided to preserve the Jewish Quarter as a “Museum of an Extinct Race”.They form the best-preserved complex of historical Jewish buildings in the whole of Europe. You'll learn this and more during Prague's Jewish Heritage Live Virtual Tour.


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