Astronomical Clock

Mesmerising and beautiful, the Astronomical Clock has a unique way of announcing every hour.

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Old-New Synagogue
Built in 1270, Europe’s oldest active synagogue holds years of fascinating Jewish history.
Parizska Street
Expensive and exclusive, Parizska is the ultimate luxurious shopping destination.
Old Town Square
This medieval town square is the busiest and most beautiful in Prague.
Church of our Lady before Týn
An iconic feature of the city skyline, this church’s Gothic towers are an incredible spectacle.
An ancient place of learning, Baroque Clementinum is today the Czech national library.
Jewish Museum
One of Europe's oldest museums of Jewish culture and heritage, comprising six distinct sites.

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Prague Private Full Day Highlights Tour inc Tickets
Visit the most iconic and impressive areas of Prague, with your expert city guide informing you of the complex history, culture, and revolutionary ideas for which this great city is famous. 

  • Commence your tour in Old Town Square, where you will find the medieval Astronomical Clock 
  • Explore the Jewish quarter, originating in the tenth century 
  • Learn about Prague's Art Nouveau movement, see Wenceslas Square 
  • Cross the stunning Charles Bridge, as you head towards Mala Strana 
  • Enter Prague Castle, snap pictures of the fine architecture, and learn about Charles IV 
  • Discover the variety of artistic and cultural treasures inside the castles collection of historic buildings, museums, and galleries 
  • After your tour, enjoy an evening cruise of the Danube River.
Medieval Prague 

Your tour will start in one of Prague’s busiest areas; Old Town Square, where you will learn about the religious symbolism of the the medieval Astronomical Clock and its fascinating historical influences. You will then move on to explore an integral part of Prague- the Jewish community- whose history and influence dates back to the tenth century. 

Art Nouveau  

You will then venture on to explore Prague’s unique Art Nouveau movement, which sprung up at the beginning of the 20th century, and brought about a copious wave of intellectual insight. Beautiful examples of Art Nouveau are displayed throughout the splendid Wenceslas Square, in the centre New Town, where your expert city guide will help you understand this fascinating art movement.  You will have ample time to stop at a local eatery to have a chance to relax and sample some of the delicious traditional Czech fare on offer. 

Magnificent Prague Castle

Your stroll will continue to Malá Strana, but before entering Prague’s Lesser Side. Later, you will discover the life and times of the enigmatic Charles IV, the 14th century Holy Roman Emperor, as you enter Prague Castle. 

Looming above the Vltava's left bank, with its many beautiful fairytale-like spires and towers, the awe-inspiring Prague Castle is one of the most famous and imposing buildings in Europe. Within its walls lie a fascinating collection of historic buildings, museums and galleries that are home to some of the Czech Republic's greatest artistic and cultural treasures.

After a full day spent exploring the city, your guide will drop you off for an hour river cruise (tickets included) of the majestic Danube River. 
Private Half-Day Highlights of Prague
On this comprehensive half day tour your expert city guide will be helping you to uncover the soul of Prague

  • Commence your tour at the Old Town Square, pass by the medieval Astronomical Clock 
  • Walk across the beautiful Charles Bridge, which offers views of the city 
  • Explore the Lesser Quarter of Prague 
  • Learn about the architectural influences behind the iconic medieval Nerudova Street 
  • Journey towards Prague Castle and snap photos of the exterior
  • Learn about the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV
Medieval Prague

Your tour will begin in the heart of Prague, Old Town Square, where you will learn about the religious symbolism of the absolutely stunning medieval Astronomical Clock and its longstanding historical influences. Journeying inside the Old Town will help you to get a sense of what ‘Old Prague’ must have been like 500 years ago. 

You will feel absolutely immersed in the layers of history and cultural influences that are around every corner. Indeed your expert city guide will be more than happy to field any questions you may have on the history of this great city and the changes it saw, set in motion by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV. 

Magnificent Prague Castle

Crossing over to the Lesser Quarter of Prague, you will take a moment at the 14th century Charles Bridge to enjoy the magnificent views over the Vltava and the rest of the city. This Gothic masterpiece was key in creating Prague’s New Town area, as it linked the established parts of Prague with new innovation and development. Later, you will endeavour to decipher the architectural influences behind the iconic medieval Nerudova Street, as you journey to the awe-inspiring Prague Castle. 

Looming above the Vltava's left bank, with its many beautiful fairytale like spires and towers, the stunning Prague Castle is one of the most famous and imposing buildings in Europe. Within its walls lies a fascinating collection of historic buildings, museums and galleries that are home to some of the Czech Republic's greatest artistic and cultural treasures. Indeed Prague Castle is an absolute must for anyone visiting the Czech Republic.
Happy, Hoppy Brewery Group Tour
In a city famous for its beer, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options. Fear not - on this brewery tour, you will be introduced to several small beer productions and have the chance to pick your favorite from amongst them all. 

On this tour, you will:

  • Visit local mini-breweries off the beaten path 
  • Learn how beer is produced 
  • Hear the history of Czech beer from local master brewers.  
The first stop on your hoppy trail is "Novoměstský pivovar" - one of the oldest and most authentic mini-brewery in Prague. The local brew master will explain the brewing process, then you will see the operation’s production, including the cellar and the cooling rooms. Then special beer will be served with a small surprise to top if off. 

Between the stops, your guide will lead you through the local magical streets while telling you some interesting facts and stories about the city.

Your second stop will be chosen by your guide based on the brewery’s availability on the day of the tour, but you can guarantee that you will taste at least two great local brews and have the chance to meet more local brew masters. 

At your last brewery, not only will you taste a few more beers, but you will be given some small Czech food to soak up all the bubbles brewing in your belly. Do note that here you can order as many of your beers as you want, so be sure to come on this tour thirsty!
Private Tour of Prague with a Local
Travel isn’t just about travel, it’s people, faces, food and cultures, fresh perspectives, discoveries and different ways of life - it’s about uncovering the city’s soul. It’s about connection. On your private, guided tour of Prague with a local: 

  • Enjoy meaningful insights from a Prague local.
  • Hear how locals describe Prague - the experiences that have shaped their world-view.
  • Spend a few hours walking around the city’s highlights with a private, local guide.
  • Pick up invaluable recommendations, advice, tips and reassurance as you explore highlights and off-the-beaten-track side streets.
  • Grab a Pilsner - or a coffee - in your local guide’s favourite haunt.
  • Learn first-hand what locals love about Prague from someone who knows the place inside-out.
The Czech Republic’s compact capital - with its vibrant, historical and beautiful streets - has witnessed everything from Old Bohemia to 2004 entry into the EU. A city made for walking, easily navigable districts makes orientation a breeze. A glorious mix of architectural styles provides a stunning visual history with magnificent castles, monuments, and buildings spanning Romanesque to Communist era designs. An annual festival draws millions to the city to celebrate its fine beer, but in Prague you’ll find free-flowing Pilsner in lively watering holes year-round. 
Enjoying a private, guided tour with a local will help you discover the sights that tourists so often miss. Hear the intriguing backstories and learn the neighbourhood’s contextual backstories and rumours which bring Prague to life, from the 1993 split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the contentious issue of the origins of the chocolate-and raspberry Prague Cake.  There are no substitutes for anecdotes and first-hand insight – which is why we’ve built this tour: so that you can have a local’s insider knowledge to  help you swerve tourist traps, lengthy queues and over-priced nonsense. While you walk the city, you’ll uncover its authenticity through the eyes of a Prague local. Your tour is immersive - bringing meaningful and like-minded interesting people together that would never meet if you stuck to the main tourist drag. Experience the practical good-naturedness of a local over a Pilsner beer or coffee at a local pub, and then jot down your guide’s version of  "must do Prague".


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