The Bay of Kotor

A stunning winding bay on the in the Adriatic sea. This bay which is part of Montenegro has been inhabited since Ancient times and you can tell. One for the naturalists.

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Kotor Town
Characterized by winding streets and Romanesque architecture, Kotor is a uniquely positioned medieval town in the Bay of Kotor on the Montenegrin coast
Budva Town
A medieval walled town known for its sandy beaches and religious sites that dates back to the 9th century. The walls were built by the ruling Venetians and they protect the narrow cobbled streets within.
Winery Vukoje
This wine region and vineyards were the Imperial vineyards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late nineteenth century due to the suitability of the local soil in nurturing Zilavka (local white wine).
City of Cavtat
Until recently, a secret destination for wealthy Croatians (you can see large villas everywhere), Cavtat is now a gem for foreigners alike. This seaside town which perches between two bays with stunning cobbled streets
Sea Food
Expect to experiment with new seafood dishes such as crni rizot which is squid risotto. The squid ink dyes the rice black. However, if squid isn't up to your taste buds, oysters and shellfish are also delicacies
Vlaho Bukovac House
You can take a walk around the charming property of one of Croatia's most famous artists. Take your time admiring the many beautiful art pieces he created, including his 1887 nude Une fleur (A Flower).

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Montenegro coastline
  • Located not far from Dubrovnik is a small country called Montenegro, largely known for its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and customs, all of which we would like to show you during this excursion.
  • Shortly after crossing the border, we find ourselves in the Bay of Kotor  - don't forget your passport! 

This breathtaking bay, where the mountains descend into the sea will no doubt be glistening during your entire tour. There are many small, picturesque towns and villages like Herceg Novi, Perast and Risan to discover, so make sure you have enough camera storage, you'll be snapping tonnes of photos!

Herceg Novi can be found at the very top of the mountain 'Dinaric range Orjen' (1895m). The youngest medieval settlement can also be found here near the bay of Boka-Kotorska. There are 3 strategically placed towers along the coastline which was originally built for use in self-defense. Often referred to as the city of Flowers and the sun (due to its 200 sunny days per year climate and the wide range of flowers that can be discovered here). 

The city that we will visit – Kotor, will captivate you at first sight. It is located at the innermost point of the Bay of Kotor and is under UNESCO protection. According to a number of data reports, Kotor is over 2 millenniums old, with its name referring to the Greek word 'hot'. 

After visiting the old town, we will leave the Bay of Kotor and head down towards the Montenegrin coast, which has many sandy beaches and coves that lie at the foot of the scenic mountains. 

Our trip will take us all the way to Budva – the Montenegrin tourist centre. There you will have the opportunity to tour the old city and its scattered, narrow streets, and to enjoy the unforgettable setting of the Citadela fortress.



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