Peljesac Peninsula

A stunning coastal area of Croatia famous for its wine and culinary

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Old town of Mostar
A deeply historic town originating from the 15th and 16th centuries developed as an Ottoman Empire frontier village in the 19th and 20th centuries. Look out for the Turkish houses.
Neretva Valley
Known by many as the “mandarin valley’, this slice of nature at its most unorthodox but spectacular self. The Neretva river has been making its way through this valley to the Adriatic since the dawn of time and in doing so has created the garden of Dubrovnik.
River boat ride on Neratva Valley
Enjoy a relaxing boat ride along the Neratva river where you can see the stunning valley around you from a different perspective.
A wonderfully picturesque island off the Dalmatian coast with medical town of the same name. Supposedly the birth place of famed merchant-explorer Marco Polo.
Trpanj is a laid back coastal town in south-eastern Croatia. This charming place still has a small village feel but now attracts tourists from all over the world.
Edivo Under Water Winery
Croatians know their wine more than most. Now they are taking it to the next level with the country's first underwater winery. You can either just drink it or for the more adventurous, you can scuba dive down and retrieve it alongside an old sunken boat.

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A Touch of The Orient - Mostar
  • If you want to experience something different and to feel a touch of the Orient in the very heart of Europe, then the excursion to Mostar is the only choice for you.

Mostar is situated on the banks of the Neretva River. It has a rich history and an essence of oriental culture and architecture, which has blended with western elements over the centuries. 

The centre of the city is dominated by the world-renowned symbol of the Old Bridge, a stone masterpiece built in the mid 16th century, after which the city got its name. With its beauty, the entire old town has earned the protection of UNESCO.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is an organisation aiming to contribute to peace and security by encouraging international alignment.

We recommend that you visit the bazaar, the mosque, and a typical Turkish house and that you try the traditional meat dishes, which will complete your experience of the unique atmosphere found in one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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