Saint Bavo's Cathedral

St Bavo’s Cathedral is the oldest parish church in the heart of Ghent and home of the 'Mystic Lamb' altarpiece.

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Adjacent to Minnewaterpark, you'll find Minnewater or the Lake of Love, a small rectangular lake with beautiful swans which give a beautiful scenery.
Saint Nicholas' Church
It is one of the oldest and most famous landmarks in Ghent dating from the 13th- to 15th centuries.
Graslei is a quay in the historic city centre of Ghent located on the right bank of the Leie river. It was once part of the medieval port and is now a cultural and touristic hotspot of the city.
St Michael's Bridge
A monumental stone arch bridge and a major tourist attraction, as it offers stunning views of Ghent's main landmarks.
Korenlei is a quay in the historic city centre of Ghent, located on the left bank of the Leie river, originally part of the medieval port and now a touristic hotspot with a high concentration of cafes.
Gravensteen Castle
Is a medieval castle at Ghent, dating from 1180 and the residence of the Counts of Flanders until 1353.

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A Day in Beautiful Ghent: Private Day Trip from Brussels by Train
Ghent is famous for its beautiful medieval architecture and network of canals. As a university town, Ghent was one of the most prosperous European cities of the middle ages - it is larger than Bruges but smaller than Amsterdam and just half an hour's train ride from Brussels. 

On your private tour, you will: 

  • Meet your private guide at Brussels Central Station where you'll hop on the train to Ghent - just 35 minutes away;
  • Arrive in Ghent and take the tram from the train station to the Korenmarkt - the pedestrianised medieval city centre and heart of the city;
  • Visit several famous and out-of-the-way landmarks as you learn the history of Ghent - once a thriving medieval centre of trade, and today a vibrant cultural hub with its university, idyllic canal ways, and beautiful architecture
  • Explore the Korenmarkt, walk over St Michael's Bridge and admire the spectacular St Michael's Church
  • Walk along the scenic quays learning about the old guild houses on Korenlei and Graslei;
  • See the stunning 12-century Gravensteen Castle from the outside and walk about the charming medieval square of Sint-Veerplein lined with bars and cafes;
  • Walk through the Groot Vleeshuis - a long grey stone and timber framed building that has been the city's famous meat market since medieval times;
  • Visit the House of Alijn - the only almshouse—a charitable institution where the old and sick were cared for—to have been preserved in Ghent;
  • Wander around the picturesque and historic district of Patershol - a city within the city - a bohemian, artsy neighbourhood and the culinary heart of Ghent;
  • See major landmarks that have contributed to the life and history of the city over several hundred years including Saint Nicholas' Church, the Ghent City Hall, Belfort van Ghent - one of the famous three belfries of Ghent, the magnificent Bavos Cathedral and the statues of maestros Hubert and Van Eyck;
  • Admire the atmospheric gothic castle Geeraard de Duivelstee - known as the Devil's Castle
  • Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Vrijdagmarkt (meaning Friday's Market) and learn of its rather chilling history as the site of public executions;
  • Walk down Ghent's iconic, everchanging Graffiti Street - a mark of its hip and trendy status as a free-thinking university city; 
  • Take the tram back to the station where you'll catch a train back to Brussels! 

Enjoy a full day exploring the beautiful medieval city of Ghent in the Flemish northwest of Belgium. Just 35 minutes by train from Brussels, Ghent is a beautiful place to visit - situated at the confluence of two rivers and famous for its charming and very photogenic network of canals that reflect the old bridges that cross them and lovely buildings that line them. 

During the middle ages it was a city-state and one of Europe's most prosperous trading ports; today Ghent is a modern cultural hub, a free-thinking university city with a well-preserved medieval heritage, visible at every turn. 

The city centre is pedestrianised, so it feels like stepping back in time as you wander the cobbled streets and admire the grand gothic castles and cathedrals, explore the nooks and crannies of medieval markets and houses, and learn all about the fascinating history of the charming city, that is also famous for its varieties of Belgian beer and diverse cuisine. 

You'll be able to wander through the quaint cobbled streets and admire the city's major landmarks including Saint Michael's Church, Korenlei and Graslei quays, and 12-century Gravensteen Castle with your knowledgable private guide. 


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