Market Square in Bruges

The historic heart of Bruges is dominated by the Belfry Tower.

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Bruges Burg Square
It is one of the main squares of the city of Bruges.
Belfry Tower
A medieval bell tower 83 metres high in the centre of Bruges and one of the city's most prominent symbols.
Dijver Canal
The canal and a street in the historic centre of Bruges make a beautiful scenery for pedestrians and boats.
Quay of the Rosary
Quay of the Rosary is one of the most beautiful sights of this Belgian city and also one of the most photographed sites throughout the city of Bruges.
Church of Our Lady
The Church of Our Lady is a Gothic church and one of the oldest religious buildings in Bruges. It was built in 1270-1280 and contains Michelangelo's sculpture of the Madonna and Child.
Bruges Begijnhof
Is the only preserved beguinage in the city of Bruges which functioned as a convent for Benedictines since 1927 though there are no more Beguines living there.

Related Tours

Explore Bruges in a Day: Private Day Trip from Brussels by Train
Enjoy a privately guided day trip to the beautiful, medieval city of Bruges just an hour by train from Brussels. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a fairytale place, with majestic gothic buildings situated along its dreamy canals, Bruges is considered one of the most picturesque cities in Europe.

On your private tour, you will: 

  • Absorb the beauty of Minnewater or "the Lake of Love" - a stunning photo op - and experience its romantic atmosphere, as your guide regales you with the love story of Minne and Stromberg; 
  • Admire the pretty Sashuis, a 16th-century lock house, photogenically situated on the canal;
  • Walk over the Beguinage Bridge into the peaceful, leafy and tranquil Beguinage "Ten Wijngaerde" and take a stroll into Walplein a quaint square with a mythical fountain of Zeus, Leda and Prometheus in the centre;
  • Walk down the narrowest street in Bruges called Stoofstraat - meaning Stove Street - a fascinating medieval alleyway where gentlemen would frequent the public bathhouse
  • Learn all about Saint John's Hospital, founded in the mid-12th century and admire its lovely architecture - it is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe;
  • Stop to admire the 115.5 metre-high bell tower of the Church of Our Lady of Bruges, and enjoy a guided tour of the O.L.V. Kerk Museum -  famous for housing the masterpiece sculpture "The Madonna of Bruges" by Michelangelo;
  • Walk along the canal to Dijver, an old, picturesque street famous for its Flea Market that has been going since medieval times;
  • Wander along to the historic covered Fish Market, with its corinthian columns and towards old Tanners Square (Huidenvettersplein); 
  • Arrive at the breathtakingly beautiful Rosary Quay which overlooks the canals and is one of the most photographed spots in Bruges for a good reason
  • Look up at the famous Belfry of Bruges, an 83-metre-high tower with 47 bells; 
  • See the medieval buildings like the Provincial Court and the Cloth Hall - where merchants traded in a bygone era; 
  • Wander on towards the beating heart of Bruges: the 10th-century Market Square;
  • Admire the 12th-century Basilica of the Holy Blood, a majestic Romanesque-style church that houses the vial containing a cloth stained with the blood of Christ, a hugely important relic to Catholics all over the world; 
  • Walk past the 600-year-old City Hall for a snap, and enjoy its medieval architecture; built in 1376 it is one of the oldest town halls in the Netherlands region;
  • End your fascinating and scenic tour of Bruges in Burg Square, surrounded by the stunning medieval buildings for which Bruges is famous. (You will take a bus back to the train station with your tour guide to jump on the train back to Brussels, where your tour ends.)

Meet your guide at a designated meeting point near Brussels central station and enjoy a scenic, relaxing train ride (just over 1 hour) to arrive in Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage site. From the station, enjoy a full-day walking tour of the hidden gems and magnificent highlights of this medieval city, captured in time. 

Picture postcard perfect, and sometimes referred to as the Flemish Venice because of its tranquil canal ways, Bruges is famous for its quaintly cobbled streets and majestic medieval gothic architecture, beautiful views from Rosary Quay and the Lake of Love, and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  

Admire the soaring medieval towers and spires, the calm reflections of the almshouses, locks, sky and trees in the still waters of the canal ways; wander down narrow alleys, emerge onto medieval squares and enjoy the vibrant buzz of the marketplaces, some of which have been active since the 10th century

Enjoy a guided tour of the Church Museum containing a masterpiece by Michelangelo, and learn about the history of Bruges from the Celtic, Roman-Gallo period through to its important trading role in the middle ages.  

Enjoy a relaxing return train ride back to Brussels, where your tour ends. Your guide will show you how to get back to your hotel or find a nice restaurant for dinner. 


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