Unlock the magic of Hanoi

Vietnam’s capital, and second largest city, exerts a draw on visitors. Just over 1000 years old, it has something for everyone as it moves towards the future. Explore the city’s side-streets and see the influences, ranging from French to Chinese, before others flock to see this beautiful place.

Attractions in Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Imposing resting place of a man who, more than any other, helped shape modern Vietnam
Presidential Palace
French-designed magnificent building, where official business still sometimes takes place, surrounded by some very pretty grounds
Hoa Lu Citadel
All that remains of the former capital of Vietnam, this citadel shows why Hoa Lu never fell to an enemy when it was the seat of government
Dinh Temple
Temple built in the 17th century to honor a 10th century independence hero who freed the country from the Great Yue
Le Temple
Pretty 17th century temple devoted to the first emperor of the Le Dynasty
Halong Bay
Extraordinarily beautiful bay with thousands of limestone pillars and islands
Thien Cung Cave
A queen among caves, it has around 10,000 square meters to explore
Dong Trieu Ceramic Village
Craft center for potters halfway between Hanoi and Halong Bay
Temple of Literature
Nearly 1000 years old, this venerable temple is dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and was the site of Vietnam's first university
Cua Bac Church
Roman Catholic church dating from the 1930s; it has an idiosyncratic style that might be termed Vietnamese Art Deco and is worth checking out
Quan Thanh Temple
Taoist temple with a past going back to the 11th century
Chau Long Market
Traditional wet market where almost everything is fresh. Be sure to watch out for the motorbikes!
Hoa Lo Prison
Site of the “Hanoi Hilton”, where visitors will be able to see Presidential Candidate John McCain’s flight-suit
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Large anthropological collection devoted to Vietnam’s ethnic minorities
Ho Chi Minh's Stilt House
Traditional dwelling in the grounds of the Presidential Palace where Ho Chi Minh lived modestly from 1958 to 1969
Tam Coc
Spectacular karst cave system which translates as “Three Caves”
Trang An
Beautiful landscape of karst peaks and steeply dropping valleys
One Pillar Pagoda
A pagoda, with a past stretching back 1000 years, that sits on one pillar in the middle of a lotus pond
Hanoi Citadel
Old fortress which used to house a command center, codenamed D67, in the Vietnam War
Old Quarter
A very crowded square kilometer of narrow streets and brick houses which is a very hectic business hub
French Quarter
Where the French tried to create a little piece of Paris in Indochina, it is now seen by Vietnamese as a very classy part of the city
Nguyen Truong To
Street named after a 19th century Vietnamese moderniser that is a fantastic place to try Hanoi’s most delectable treats
Vietnamese Street Food
Having acquired a well-deserved reputation worldwide, the tastiest examples of this special cuisine can be found in its home country.


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