Unlock the magic of Washington DC

Washington DC needs very little introduction. The U.S. capital, is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. This cultural centre is known for its neoclassical monuments and buildings and museums – including the White House, the Supreme Court and Kennedy Centre.

Attractions in Washington DC

SR-71 Blackbird Jet
This long-range reconnaissance aircraft was developed as a black project from the Lockheed A-12.
The Air France Concorde
The ill-fated Air France Concorde was initially considered one of the safest aircrafts in the world.
The Wright Brothers Gallery
Visit this fascinating exhibition and learn about the brothers who invented the first successful aeroplane.
The White House
The White House is one of the most easily recognizable buildings on earth, yet shrouded in mystery and power.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Explore the world's largest collection of space and aviation artifacts.
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
A powerful and fascinating institution, this collection of more than 3 million artefacts captures American history and culture.
Capitol Building
Congress, The Senate, The House, Capitol Hill - all words associated with the multi-faceted national bicameral legislature. Translation please? It makes the country's rules.
Lincoln Memorial
Let yourself be dwarfed by the imposing Lincoln, whose full text of the famous lasting words, "four score and seven years ago" Gettysburg address are inscribed throughout the memorial.
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Referred to as The Unknown War and The Forgotten War, its memorial captures the harrowing tales of soldiers who fought to stave off tides of North Korean communism during the Cold War.
Freedom Plaza
Originally known as Western Plaza, the landmark was renamed in honour of Martin Luther King Jr for its proximity to the Willard Hotel, where he wrote his "I Have A Dream" speech.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
This magnificent memorial covers four acres and includes a statue of King by sculptor Lei Yixin.
FDR Memorial
FDR's Memorial not only captures America's longest serving president and his dog, Fala, but also immortalizes the faces of those standing in breadlines during the Depression, when Roosevelt ascended to office.
Union Station
Union Station opened in1907, at its height in World War II had 200,000 people passing through daily, and still maintains an annual passenger count of over 5 million.
J Edgar Hoover Building (FBI HQ)
Named after former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, this building is now the Bureau's Headquarters.
Jefferson Hotel
This famous hotel is where Clinton aide Dick Morris made scandal history with call girl Sherry Rowlands.
The Watergate Hotel
This infamous hotel is where President Nixon's career was jeopardised.
The Tidal Basin
Congressman Wilbur Mills' girlfriend famously dove into the Tidal Basin after being pulled over by police.
The Vista Hotel
This site is one of controversy. It is where an FBI sting caught Mayor Marion Barry smoking crack-cocaine.
National Security Council HQ
The famous site of the NSC's cover-up of the Iran-Contra paper trail.
Lafayette Square
Given its proximity to the White House, the square is notable for innumerable scandals, most famously for Confederate spy “Rebel Rose.”
Hay-Adams Hotel
The restaurant here was the site of secret meetings to solicit contributions for the Iran-Contra operation.
Wright Brothers Flyer
Aviation has always captured the mind of people, and this is your chance to see the Wright brothers' first successful heavier-than-air powered aircraft.
Apollo Lunar Module
Transport your imagination to space on the L2 Lunar Module, which was designed and built alongside the craft which took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's trip to the moon.
President Andrew Jackson
An American soldier and statesman, involved in the controversial Trail of Tears, but also famous for making the White House accessible to the public and for listening to the people.
Petticoat Affair
The Petticoat affair was an 1829–1831 U.S. scandal involving members of President Andrew Jackson's Cabinet and their wives.
Arlington National Cemetery
The country’s largest military cemetery, serving as a final resting place for 400,000+.
Arlington House
The nation's memorial to Robert E. Lee, an American and Confederate soldier.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
A monument dedicated to U.S. service members who have died without their remains being identified.
President John F. Kennedy Gravestone
John F. Kennedy's Eternal Flame can be found at Arlington National Cemetery.
Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial
Memorial dedicated to the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 crew.
Audie L. Murphy's Gravestone
One of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II, who received every combat medal bestowed by the US Army.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Covering two acres, the Vietnam War Memorial pays homage to those who lost their lives in one of America's most controversial wars.
Washington Monument
The symbol of the nation's capital dedicated to its namesake, the Washington Monument towers above the city.
World War II Memorial
National memorial in DC, commemorating those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to contribute to the Allied effort to defeat Hitler and the Japanese in World War II.
Smithsonian American Art Museum
The nation's first art museum is home to one of the largest and most inclusive collections of American art in the world.
National Portrait Gallery
Discover a wide selection of famous artwork depicting historic American figures.
Star-Spangled Banner, 1814
Let yourself be astounded by the 200 year old flag from the Battle of Baltimore, where Francis Scott Key penned "O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave."
Dorothy's Original Ruby Red Slippers, 1939
Dorothy's "There's no place like home" slippers always crack the top ten list of iconic items on display at the National Museum of American History
Lincoln Memorial
Learn about Lincoln, who led America through the Civil War and the Thirteenth Amendment. He was the first American president to be assassinated.
James A Garfield
Learn about James Garfield, who was assassinated after only a few months in office.
William McKinley
The 25th president of the United States, and the 3rd president to get assassinated when in office.
John F. Kennedy
JFK is famous for the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis, as well as being assassinated early in his presidency.
George Washington Portrait
Rembrant Peale painted this oil on canvas painting of George Washington, which depicts the elder statesman in the last years of his life.
Ben Franklin Portrait
Founding Father Benjamin Franklin played a prominent role in shaping the nation's move to independence, and its subsequent foreign policy. His portraitby Joseph Siffred Duplessis hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.
Obama's Presidential Portrait
Obama's portrait by Kehinde Wiley, displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, has caused a social media flurry about the artwork surrounding presidents. Don't miss the piece.
Steve Jobs Memorial Portrait
Steve Jobs has become a popular subject for portrait artists, and this one has become a crowd favorite for Apple fans because it captures the early days of the enigmatic tech giant.
The Mayflower Hotel
Described by President Truman as "Washington's second best address", the hotel boasts nearly a century's worth of glittery and clandestine history.
Edgar Bar and Restaurant
Located inside the Mayflower Hotel, EDGAR pays homage to its most famous patron - J Edgar Hoover - who dined daily at the hotel for over 20 years.
Presidential Conspiracies
From W.H. Harrison through JFK, every 20 years a president died in office. Reagan 'broke the curse' with an assassination attempt that almost killed him outside a DC Hilton.
Watergate Office Building
The site of the famous break-in by 'the plumbers', Watergate has become inextricably linked to Deep Throat, The New York Times and Washington Post and, of course, President Nixon.
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Built in memoriam of America's 35th president, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is renowned not only for the theatre but also its spectacular architecture and location.
Martin's Tavern
Opened the day after Prohibition ended, Martin's Tavern in has been a storied establishment, including where JFK proposed to Jackie Bouvier in his favorite booth.
Old Ebbitt Grill
This DC establishment was the favorite after-hours drinking spot of Presidents Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, and Teddy Roosevelt. The saloon was also home to Presidents McKinley, Cleveland, and Grant.
The Washington Post
From Watergate and Vietnam to today's fake news, The Washington Post has been in the headlines as often as it has published a breaking story.
Pullman House
Once the Soviet Embassy, the Pullman House has been the Russian ambassador's embassy for several years and was one of the places Julius and Ethel Rosenberg met with their handler.
Antibody Science
From eradicating smallpox and battling tetanus, the National Museum of American History documents the American role in antibody based therapies and diagnostics.
Women's Suffrage
Beyond gaining the right to vote, explore the advancements women have made in math, science, and art.
Farragut Square
Civil War Admiral Farragut was famed for for seizing a key Confederate seaport and declared of the mines blocking his fleet’s advance: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”
Decatur House
The second-largest mansion in the Square area after the White House was the home of Commodore Stephen Decatur, a hero of the early-1800s Barbary Pirate Wars.
The Study at Morrison House
Within the Morrison House, The Study invites visitors to tuck into the books lining the walls while sipping a glass of bubbly or to pass an evening amongst friends over its signature cocktails.
Morrison House
The Federalist-style boutique hotel from Marriott’s Autograph Collection exudes the intimacy and old-warm charm of its neighborhood in Alexandria, VA.
Christ Church Alexandria
With over 250 years of history, the church has served as the parish to notable founding fathers, and has found itself the subject of an early case before the Supreme Court.
George Washington
From serving as the general of the Continental Army and first president of the USA, native Virginian - Washington - is arguably America’s most recognized historical figure.
Sally Fairfax
The daughter of one of Virginia’s oldest families and wife to Virginian landed gentry, Sally Fairfax stole a young George Washington’s heart.
Lord Fairfax House
Lord Fairfax was a prominent Virginian who gave George Washington his first job as a surveyor. The two stayed friends throughout their lives.
Gadsby Tavern
The tavern is renown for its litany of connection to the Founding Fathers, including as the site where Jefferson held his inaugural ball.
Adams-Jefferson letters
Though they were lifelong political opponents, Jefferson and Adams wrote letters to one another over 50 years, and their correspondence sheds light on life in the young republic.
Alexandria City Hall and Market Square
Originally a market square and the courts of the eighteenth century, the building standing today was erected in 1872 and remains at the center of life for Alexandrians.
Wise's Tavern
While now only a plaque remains of Wise Tavern, it was the place where Washington gave his final public address to the nation as president.
Carlyle House
Built by Scottish merchant founding trustee of Alexandria, Carlyle House has a storied history, including ties to the British efforts in the French-Indian War.
The Kennedys
Visit the places where the early days of the Kennedy romance took center stage.
Georgetown University
The oldest Jesuit and Catholic University in the US, Georgetown University is a world-class university at the center of a historic neighborhood.
C&O Canal
The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal operated for nearly a century, transporting coal to the residents of DC.
National Archives
Home to the U.S. Constitution, signed by Alexander Hamilton as well as Hamilton’s Statement of My Property and Debts, with Remarks, drafted in 1804.
National Gallery of Art
An extensive art museum, which features a number of artworks of Alexander Hamilton and his family.
Library of Congress
See the world’s largest collection of Hamilton papers and artifacts, totaling 12,000 items including 1804 goodbye letter to his wife before the duel.
Mary Cassatt's 'The Boating Party'
Painted at the end of the 20th century, Cassatt's oil paintings is one of the National Gallery's highlights.
Vermeer's 'The Girl with a Red Hat'
This oil painting, completed in the mid seventeenth century, is one of the many famous portraits Dutch master, Vermeer, painted over his 42 years of life.
Self Portrait by Van Gogh
Though the most famous portrait of Van Gogh hangs in the Musee d'Orsay, this portrait by Van Gogh is as equal a masterpiece in its attention to detail.
Monet's 'Japanese Footbridge'
Any true fan of impressionism will know the sheer delight of seeing one of Monet's garden masterpieces in real life.
The National Christmas Tree
Every year since 1923, a Christmas tree has stood in front of the White House, adorned in decorations from all 56 states and territories.
The Downtown Holiday Market
Each year the holiday market supports local businesses and entrepreneurs while bringing tidings of good cheer to travellers and locals alike.
U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree
Since 1964, the majestic and picturesque Christmas tree in front of the Capitol has been selected from a different US National Forest.
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Housing a mix of spectacular permanent and temporary exhibits, the museum takes you deep into the history of space and time to explore our natural world.
Fossil Hall at the Natural History Museum
Step into a history of time on earth, and see nearly 700 fossils from the T-Rex to the woolly mammoth.
Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals
Learn about the minerals, rocks, and gems that make up our natural world, while also seeing some of the world's largest gems - including the Hope Diamond.
Supreme Court
Often called the third branch of the federal government, the Supreme Court is ruled by nine justices at present, each with a lifetime appointment.


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