Silicon Valley

Home to the tech giants, aspiring startups, cash-rich venture capital companies, and some of the country's most expensive real estate, Silicon Valley is a world unto itself.

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The Google building is actually an open campus, so you can go and wander around

Over the last five decades, Silicon Valley has become world famous as the home of Microsoft and Apple, two giants of the technology world. Many other companies have since joined them: Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and Intel, to name a few. The name originated from the silicon chips used in computers, and although pretenders have popped up all over the world (Silicon Roundabout in East London, anyone?), the valley is still the boss.

Boys and their toys

Silicon Valley is home to some 4 million people and 28% of private sector jobs are in high-tech. It also has the most millionaires and billionaires per capital of anywhere in the US. Amusingly, but actually rather damningly, there are 15% more men than women in the area.

The Intel Museum may seem a little dry - you certainly won’t find queues here - but it’s a very interesting place. You can learn all about microprocessors, how our computing devices work (let’s face it: most of us have no idea), and how they took over the world.

Afterwards, grab a bite at Buck’s of Woodside, Silicon Valley’s most well-known meeting place for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. It’s an unassuming place but mountains are moved on those tables: both Hotmail and Tesla were incorporated here. They serve classic and reasonably-priced diner fare throughout the day.

But if you want to get out and into the wild then you can head to the nearby Santa Cruz mountains. You can drive to Mount Umunhum, the fourth-highest peak in the range, and enjoy a spectacular view from over 3000 metres. Also in Silicon Valley are the Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, and Stanford University, the wonderful campus of which is near Palo Alto.

Nearby Attractions

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San Francisco Bay
The awe-inspiring backdrop to the sights and sounds of San Francisco.
The headquarters to Alphabet Inc is awash with primary colors - but don't be fooled by its simplicity. Many of the world's best minds work right here.
Facebook HQ
Located at "1 Hacker Way", the facebook "thumbs up" has become the iconic place to snap a picture, indicating you've visited Menlo Park.
Stanford University
Largely considered one of the top 5 universities in the country, Stanford University is a feeder of alumni into the tech giants and start ups of Silicon Valley.
Computer History Museum
Though in name it's another museum - the institution and its academics play a large role in global discussions on the role of computing and its impact on humankind.
Apple HQ Visitor Center
Visit "1 Infinite Loop" - home of Apple's headquarters. See their Visitor's Center, the Augmented Reality Experience, their flagship store, and the rooftop deck.

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Private Excursion to Silicon Valley
On your private excursion from San Francisco, see first-hand what makes Silicon Valley the world’s most dynamic hub of global technology and entrepreneurialism. Learn how Silicon Valley was born and some of the world’s most influential companies were founded. On your tour you will:

  • Enjoy a full day, including hotel pick up and drop off, in a luxury vehicle. 
  • Explore how this place became a capital of innovation, venture capital and progressive "techie" culture. 
  • Learn the stories of the founding of major players like Stanford University, Tesla, Apple, HP, Google and Facebook- and their predecessors.  
  • Drop into Apple HQ Visitor Center, Augmented Reality Experience, Flagship Store, Rooftop Deck and Espresso Café. 
  • Visit the expansive Googleplex Campus promenade and the comical Android Garden.
  • Stop for the iconic shot in Menlo Park at the Facebook HQ "thumbs up".   
  • Tour Stanford University campus 
  • Visit the Computer History Museum and enjoy lunch at the café (price of lunch not included)
Ever thought of trying your hand in big tech? This is the perfect chance to see what it's like to live, work and study here in the 21st Century. This tour is ideal for guests who want to hit the most well-known sites and come away with an understanding of what powers Silicon Valley. See how Google (and other tech company) employees live, and maybe even rub elbows with the next big founder over coffee! 

Please note: While this tour is available for children, no car seat is provided and is the responsibility of the customer to provide where necessary. 


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