Brooklyn Bridge Park

A modern park built on historic foundations that affords magnificent waterfront views of Lower Manhattan.

TravelCurious Tip

Get up early and watch the sunrise over the Brooklyn Bridge, the light reflecting off lower Manhattan’s windows. You will likely see a few photographers there already!

Stretching along the Brooklyn side of the Easter River, Brooklyn Bridge Park makes an idyllic reprieve from the endless bustle of New York City. Once a pick up spot for ferries between Brooklyn and Manhattan, it was from here that George Washington and his soldiers escaped to Manhattan to evade the colonial army during the Battle of Long Island.

While ferries still dock there, there’s also much more going on now thanks to the area’s revitalisation. Today’s park is divided into eleven sections: Piers 1 through 6, Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, Empire Fulton Ferry, Main Street and John Street, each of which features unique topographies, installations and events.

As you like it

There’s something for everyone in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Just about any sport is catered for: football, handball, basketball, volleyball — even shuffleboard! It is of course an ideal spot for joggers, power walkers, or just plain amblers; canine friends are welcome too. There are plenty of playgrounds for children, and even the carved wood Jane’s Carousel, which has stood in the same spot since the 1920s.

Among the many events held in Brooklyn Bridge Park are Smorgasburg, a weekly outdoor food market, film screenings, and the “Shakespeare at Sunset” series, in which various theatre groups give al fresco performances of the Bard’s plays. All of which is wonderful, but not entirely necessary: you can simply head over with friends and a picnic and be dazzled by the sunset and the Manhattan skyline.

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