Cafe Du Monde

The legendary home of the classic Coffee and Beignets.

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The French Quarter
Famous for its nightlife, jazz music, and food, the historic French Quarter is the first stop on most travelers' to-do list!
Congo Square
Once a place where slaves gathered to socialize on their day off, the square honors the African-American history of the city.
Bourbon Street
Arguably one of the most famous streets in America, Bourbon Street fills with people every day, but none as much as during Mardi Gras.
Jackson Square
Jackson Square was at the center of city life before the Louisiana Purchase and was renamed for General Jackson in honor of the Battle of New Orleans' victory.
Steamboat Natchez Jazz Cruise
Hop aboard this classic paddle wheel boat for a journey down the Mississippi River to the sounds of jazz.
Dr John - Voodoo King
A free African American man, Dr John was a slave owner who claimed to be Senegalese royalty. He was a wealthy fortune teller, who specialized in lifting and placing curses.

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Private Walking Tour of New Orleans
On the tourism posters, New Orleans is described as “24 4/7 Since 1718” and this fantastic introduction to one of the world's most fascinating cities will provide unique insight into the energy kick behind a unique melting pot of cultures. On your private tour of the Big Easy, you will:

  • Stroll the highlights of the French Quarter, including Bourbon Street and Cafe Du Monde. 
  • Hear local musicians playing their own tunes, and enjoy the  sounds of jazz spilling onto the streets.
  • Visit notable locations in the life of jazz legend, Louis Armstrong, and his contributions to the city's live music scene. 
  • Enjoy a light snack and drink at a local spot, off the beaten track, recommended by your local guide.
Enjoy a leisurely walk around this beautiful, storied city, seeking out the friendly characters, historic spots and gorgeous architecture that is at the New Orleans. Visit the oldest neighbourhood in the city, the beautiful French Quarter to learn about the diverse colonial heritage, and the notable literary and cinematic landmarks, including where greats like William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams wrote some of their famous works in amongst the nation’s most historic buildings. 

Your guide will introduce you to Dixie jazz,  of course the annual Mardi Gras when over a million party goers descend on New Orleans for the world's best street parade (an event that brings an incredible $160-billion into the local economy). Then, immerse yourself in the neighbourhood where one of jazz music's greatest talent grew up. Today, Armstrong’s birthplace is long gone, though there are plenty of ways New Orleans has sought to commemorate their greatest musical sonThe airport, a downtown park, and an annual “Satchmo” summer festival are all named for Louis Armstrong - there are also plenty of sites and sounds that owe much to the city’s most famous musical talent. At the end of your tour, pop into a local hot spot off the tourist drag, where your guide will recommend more ways to immerse yourself with the real locals of the Big Easy. 


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