Old Saloon

Though it's now dwarfed by the surrounding neighborhood buildings, the Old Saloon was the only surviving building from the 1892 fire.

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Milwaukee Public Market
Rich with history, the public market has been at the heart of life in the Third Ward since the 1800's.
The Great Third Ward Fire,1892
In Milwaukee 1892 was called the "Year of Flaming Skies", and the Great Third Ward Fire on October 28 was the worst in the city's history.
Milwaukee Instute of Art and Design
Built over a century ago, the MIAD has been an educational center in the city throughout its operation, and has also been the site of many a haunted tale.
Irish Pub
Built in 1904, the Irish Pub was once a boarding house and house of ill-repute, where a terrible tragedy occurred.
Pfister Hotel
Built in the 1890s, the Pfister Hotel has the largest Victorian art collection in the world and is a member of the Historic Hotels of America.

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