The Golden Nugget Casino

Home to a Shark Tank Pool and the enormous Hand of Faith golden nugget.

TravelCurious Tip

If you want to stay here, bear one thing in mind when choosing your room: the higher you are, the quieter it will be. There’s always an elevator to get you up and down!

As if the name was not clear enough, this is a luxurious place, even by Las Vegas standards. Polished brass and white leather seats mark this out as downtown’s classiest address. Found on Fremont Street, it’s the largest hotel and casino in the downtown area, with no fewer than 2,419 deluxe guest rooms and suites. Built in 1946, this place is basically ancient history in the brief, bright history of Las Vegas.

Golden Nuggets

The place earns its name from its chief treasure: in its lobby you will find the world’s largest gold nugget on display, known as the Hand of Faith. It was found in Australia and weighs over 27 kg. It’s golden benevolence will make you feel lucky. When you collect your winnings, there is actually an ATM that offers you the option of withdrawing gold instead of cash, which is so very Vegas.

Deep Blue Sea

The other thing this place is most famous for is its sharks. Like something straight from a Bond film, the resort is built around two aquariums with rays, tropical fish and full grown sharks. The largest aquarium faces the resort’s swimming pool and actually includes a slide through it, for those who really want to be scared witless. You can then comfort yourself by moving onto their in-house fish food restaurants. The Chart House has really exemplary service and you can enjoy tuna, calamari and oysters in front of the aquarium.

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