Fremont East District

Affectionately named the Greenwich Village of Vegas, this revitalized, bohemian quarter is a locals favourite.

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Fremont East District offers some of the best nightlife in Las Vegas. It was created in 2002 when the city announced plans to develop a three block section of Fremont Street as an arts and entertainment centre. They hoped to rejuvenate downtown Las Vegas, and they succeeded. Today it boasts a dizzying array of restaurants and bars, comedy venues, and blues and jazz clubs where you can fritter away your winnings.

Good Old Neon

The renovation made the place pedestrian friendly and also gave it the old glamour of vintage Las Vegas: it has numerous retro neon signs that were restored and curated by the Neon Museum. You can hardly miss the neon horse & caballero sign from the 1956 Hacienda Hotel, or the original El Cortez roof sign, originally from 1952. By Vegas standards, those signs are part of ancient history.

No Change of Stripes

You will notice the difference in ambience from the Strip to Fremont East. The businesses are smaller, less corporate and exude a local charm. Prices are more affordable and you will never have to worry about adhering to dress codes as you do on the Strip. However, one thing they do have in common is a relentless party culture.

Griffin, with its distinctive green neon sign, was one of the first bars to spring up after the area’s regeneration. Inside, it’s dark and cosy without being dingy. Enjoy a few craft beers here, or perhaps head to the Park on Fremont if you want to be outside. This beer garden is has a rural-theme, with potted flowers and white picket fences, which is pretty bizarre in Vegas — but then what isn’t?

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