Lahaina Inn

Catch the island vibes at the Lahaina Inn, constructed in 1938 and updated in 1960.

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Pioneer Inn
Though it's now a Best Western, the hotel is filled with local lore, even some abounding with tales of Frank Sinatra, Katherine Hepburn, and Spencer Tracy.
Brick Palace Foundation
Built by King Kamehameha in the 1800's to watch for incoming ships, all that remains now is an excavated foundation.
Baldwin Home
The Baldwin home is now a museum and the oldest building standing on the island.
Lahaina Heritage Museum
Located on the second floor of the old Lahaina Courthouse, this museum presents the history, culture, and environment of Lahaina, from pre-contact Hawaii to the beginnings of modern tourism.
Lahaina Lighthouse
This lighthouse was not only the first in Hawaii but also the first on the US Pacific Coast. It was built in 1840 to help guide whaleboats that were coming ashore.
Wo Hing Temple
Built by 1912, it served as a social and fraternal hall for the Wo Hing Society, the growing Chinese population centred in Lahaina.

Related Tours

Private Walking Historical Ghost Tour of Lahaina
You may have come to the island for lounging beneath palms, hiking craters, and long walks on the beach, but there’s another side to Maui you need to explore to really understand it: its’ haunted history. On your private walking tour, you will:

  • Hear tales of kings and ancestral deities, while understanding the importance of the first people’s traditional oral storytelling. 
  • Learn about the island's of mystical water creatures, who move through underground water tunnels.
  • See one of the world’s largest trees - the Lahaina Banyan Tree, which spans more than an acre, and hear how the invasive species is believed to be tied to the God of Death. 
  • Visit the Old Fort with its imposing walls and hear about the battle of Lahaina - between whalers and missionaries at odds about the native women of the island. 
  • Stop by the oldest operating inn on the island, once frequented by Frank Sinatra and Spencer Tracy while they filmed "The Devil at 4 O'Clock".
  • Enjoy a stunning walk as you learn the island’s haunted history at covered lakes, historic inns, old forts, and the water’s edge.
Your tour begins with the tales of Moku’ula - ‘ghost island’ or ‘death island’ - which was once the ancient Hawaiian capital, where three Hawaiian kings lived and worshipped a lizard goddess. Your guide will talk to you about the history of the island, how the place on which you stand - a barren area was once a great fresh lake, which served as the capital of Hawaii. Learn about King Kamehameha’s unification of Hawaii, of spectral sightings of missionaries and Hawaiian cowboys. Throughout your walking tour, you will learn the history of Hawaii and the impact of colonisation, all while hearing the hauntings which surround Lahaina. Whether you’ve spent your life visiting the island or this is your first trip, your private ghost walk will bring to life the mystical history of Lahaina.

Please note: The tour runs when there is light rain, so please wear walking shoes and dress appropriately for walking around outside.


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