Estes Park

Estes Park is the charming city at the entrance to the park and is home to the upscale Stanley Hotel, which inspired the Stephen King novel, ‘The Shining.’

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Coors Field
With dramatic views of the Rockies, Coors Field has the highest elevation of any US baseball field at 5200 feet.
Denver Union Station
Located in the busy downtown district, known as LoDo, the station has been converted into the Crawford Hotel, but still serves as a transit link for the city.
Colorado Microbrewery scene
Though Colorado beer is synonymous with Coors, hundreds of microbreweries have popped up in the last 40 years, making it one of America's most exciting brewing scenes.
Rocky Mountain National Park
Covering over 350 square miles, this national park always cracks the top 5 best parks each year - beloved for its scenery year round.
Rocky Mountains wildlife
Eagles, elk, hawks, and deer are regular companions in the Rockies, so have your cameras ready. If you're lucky, you may even see a moose.
Historic Silver Mining Towns
Along the route, see the remnants of historic silver mining towns, which brought speculators west in search of their own fortunes from precious metal.

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Visit Rocky Mountain National Park: Private Day Trip from Denver
With the world’s longest natural mountain barrier, the Rocky Mountains are a geological feature that defines the American and Canadian topography. To visit in person is the best way to truly take in their immensity. 

On your private day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, you will:

  • Enjoy an easy ride in a private vehicle from Denver for a climb into the Rockies;
  • Visit historic Estes Park, a quintessential mountain town in Colorado known as “the gateway to the Rockies";
  • Drive into Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the most spectacular ones in the US and wind your way to spectacular vistas;
  • Enjoy a few short hikes throughout your day, per your comfort, to experience the serenity the park offers;
  • Have the chance to see wildlife - from birds of prey to deer and occasionally moose;
  • Visit the continental divide and stand on both sides (available in summer times);
  • Enjoy a panoramic drive back to Denver with a stop at Grand Lake, where you have the option to walk the Adams falls lakeside trail or go for a swim, should you wish.

Simply by being in the mile-high city, you're already well on your way into exploring the Rockies. But to really experience the mountains as they have stood for thousands of years - one must visit the national park, which offers uninterrupted landscapes of protected wilderness for over 350 square miles. 

From late spring through early fall, the alpine tundras are covered in wildflowers and burgeoning wildlife populations. When the snow has melted, one of the scenic roads provides easy access to the Continental Divide, where water flows on the West to the Pacific and on the East to the Atlantic

In the winter, Colorado becomes a ski haven, rendering several parts of the mountains impassable, though the snowy scenery is idyllic and peaceful from the comforts of your privately guided vehicle. 

No matter the time of year, a trip to Denver simply must include a trip to Rocky Mountains National Park

Important: this day trip may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.


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