Unlock the magic of Chicago

The state of Illinois is home to Chicago aka The Windy City, one of the largest cities in America. Sitting alongside Lake Michigan, it’s famed for its museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago and its iconic buildings and beautiful architecture. The city has nearly 7000 restaurants and any kind of food can be ordered and delivered within the hour.

Attractions in Chicago

Navy Pier
In its century of history, Navy Pier has served many functions - from being a training and trading center for the military, and a prison for draft dodgers to its current iteration as a gathering place for family fun.
The Magnificent Mile
Michigan Avenue , commonly called the Magnificent Mile, is the heart of Chicago's commercial district and brings shoppers from around the world.
Millennium Park
Well-known for 'The Bean', Millennium Park is a gathering place for Chicagoans - especially on warm summer nights, when live music and sport overtake the green spaces.
Hotel Florence
Named after his favorite daughter, George Pullman built this hotel and kept a small apartment for himself for when he was in town visiting the factories. Today it has landmark status.
Pullman District
Founded by George Pullman out of his belief that happy workers were less likely to strike, America's first planned community is now a beloved historic district.
George Pullman
A serial entrepreneur and dreamer, George Pullman is best known for his achievement in elevating train travel with luxurious sleeper cars.
Pullman Clock Tower
Formerly the clocktower and administration building, the Pullman National Monument Visitors Center shows off the resplendent Queen Anne architecture of the 1880's.
Chicago-style deep dish pizza
No trip to Chicago is complete without trying their world-famous deep dish pizza. Decide for yourself if you prefer the oozy, saucy Chicago-style or the NYC thin slice.
Hancock Tower Observaytion Deck
Visiting 94 floors above the city is a great way to get a bird's eye view of the windy city.


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