Walden Pond

Made famous by Thoreau, who had a home on the north side of the lake, Walden Pond is now a National Historic Landmark.

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Longfellow House
During the siege of Boston, the Longfellow House served as General Washington's headquarters. In 1972, it was donated to the national park services for preservation.
Old North Bridge
Made famous as the site of the first day of the Revolutionary War, Old North Bridge lives in history as the place where “the shot heard ‘round the world” was fired.
Orchard House
Formerly the home of Louisa May Alcott, Orchard House appeared in both Little Women films, and is the setting of many of the books’ famed moments.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Though it is the burial place of several notable writers, and has an area devoted to them called ‘Author’s Ridge’, the cemetery remains in use today by the people of Concord.
Concord, MA
A small town outside of Boston, Concord is known primarily for its role in the Revolutionary War and the transcendentalist movement.
The Old Manse
This famous mansion has been the home of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s grandfather, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and has a garden constructed by Henry David Thoreau.

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Private Excursion to Historic Concord
From its revolutionary history to its literary history, Concord is a must-see for any history or literary buff. On your private excursion to Concord: 

  • Enjoy hotel pick up, and then be driven to the historic town of Concord 
  • Stand at the site of the first battle of the American Revolutionary War, Old North Bridge
  • Visit the Old Manse grounds, famous for its American historical and literary associations
  • Step back in time at Walden Pond where 18th century author Henry David Thoreau's Walden followed his yearning for the simple life.
  • Enjoy lunch in the centre of town, at a place recommended by your private guide (not included in tour price)
  • Stroll scenic Sleepy Hollow Cemetery - the final resting place for the Alcott family, Thoreau, and Emerson at Author’s Ridge.
  • Visit author Louisa May Alcott’s charming Orchard House and enjoy their guided tour of the historic home. 
Concord, a town to the north-west of Boston, has a key place in US history, as a town shaped by rebellion, militiamen and revolutionary spirit. It is here that around 2,000 militiamen - dubbed “minutemen” for their ability to be ready for action in a moment’s notice - gathered to pursue British troops. Canon attack, horse-back charge and sustained volleys of British fire were met by 2,000 militiamen returning musket fire from behind trees, stone walls, houses and sheds. The town’s North Bridge has significant national importance, as the historical site in the Battle of Concord on the first day of the American War of Independence. When news of the battle reached London, it made a strong statement regarding the grit of patriot forces. Honoured in American history today, as the American Revolutionary War’s first military engagement, Concord paved the way for the Liberty and creation of the United States of America.

Today the Massachusetts War sites of Concord are preserved as part of Minute Man National Historical Park: a key attraction for visitors keen to immerse themselves in American history. On the Private Boston Driving Tour to Concord you will learn about the area’s role in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, from retracing the historic Battle Road Trail as taken by Paul Revere to warn about the attack by British troops. An expert guide will provide the historical and political context to the Revolution and the extraordinary fortitude of the 4,000 men of Lexington and Concord. After visiting Concord's town common, home to poignant Monument Square,  visit the Old North Bridge, the historic site of the Battle of Concord, and the first day of the American Revolutionary War.  Delve into the fascinating literary history of the area by visiting Author’s Ridge and the home of Louisa May Alcott, author of the classic novel Little Women. 

After your tour in Concord finishes, your driver-guide will take you back to Boston and drop you off at your hotel or a central location of your choosing. 

Please note: The Old Manse museum is only open on Saturday and Sunday; therefore, if you would like to visit it, schedule a weekend tour. You can pay for this museum visit locally, as it is not included in the tour price.


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