The Queen's House in Greenwich

Built between 1616 and 1635 by Inigo Jones, this former royal residence is one of the most important buildings in British architecture, being the first consciously classical building to be constructed in the country.

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Maritime Greenwich
An old fishing and naval town on the banks of the Thames steeped in royal history and full of exceptional architecture.
West India Docks
Once the largest dock in the world, a majority of the trade undertaken by the British Empire went through here.
Canary Wharf
Now the financial center of London, but once docks for the trade of the vast British Empire which expanded across one-fifth of the world at one point in time.
The Royal Observatory
The Royal Observatory Greenwich is the historic home of British astronomy, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the world-famous Meridian Line.
Ranger's House
This Georgian Villa was the Greenwich Park's Ranger residence for most of the 19th century and a Grade I listed building.
It's a borough in London, on the banks of the River Thames, home to the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory and well known for its maritime history.

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Bridgerton Inspired Private tour: London River Cruise, Greenwich & the Prime Meridian
Whether you’re a die-hard Bridgerton enthusiast or simply an Anglophile looking for a day exploring another historic pocket of London, Greenwich Village awaits you with historic buildings, cobblestone roads, and one of London’s most spectacular parks. The area played host to several filming locations on the iconic Netflix show, and is the perfect place to pass a day. 

  • Enjoy a guided 30 min river cruise from central London to Greenwich (return tickets included)
  • Wander historic Greenwich with an expert local guide and Bridgerton enthusiast.  
  • See the show’s most recognisable exterior set: Ranger House, which served as the façade for the Bridgerton home. 
  • Tour the Queen’s House, which was used to film the interiors of Spencer House in the show.
  • Visit the Royal Observatory, and stand in one of the most famous places on earth: the Prime Meridian Line, where time ‘starts’
  • From Greenwich Park, enjoy unrivalled views of London

Your tour begins with a guided river cruise, where you will enjoy some of the city’s most iconic sites from the famous River Thames – including Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and the Globe Theatre. 

Upon arriving in Greenwich, you will visit the Queen’s House that has been at the centre of Royal life and of Greenwich for hundreds of years. Most famous for its architecture and beautiful spiral staircase, the house is also known for its magnificent art collecting, including works by Gainsborough, Turner, and Hogarth.  

From there, wander through Greenwich Park, which will inevitably be filled with locals who flock to the park for its open spaces and fantastic views of the city. Your guide will then show you the iconic Bridgerton home, Ranger House, where you can imagine yourself as one of thee family’s numerous siblings, living in the Regency period, while also learning about the real purpose of Ranger House. 

Finally, step into the Royal Greenwich Observatory, astronomical observatory and, until its closure in 1998, the oldest scientific research institution in Great Britain. In the mid-18th century, the Nautical Almanac established the longitude of Greenwich as the baseline for time calculations, and a hundred years later, it became the Earth’s prime meridian (0° longitude).

Your tour finishes in Greenwich, where you can choose to return to Central London with your guide or spend more time exploring Greenwich at your own pace. Should you wish to stay in Greenwich after your tour finishes, your guide will give you tips on where to eat and what to visit and give you your return cruise ticket, which is valid all day. 


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